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Hi guys. Here's my submission for the Holiday Fanfic Event. I'm sad that most of the groups I'm familiar with aren't participating, but I do like GD, so here it is. I may add one for the general kpop one if a story comes to mind. Until then, I hope you enjoy this.
Disclaimer: None of the pics belong to me. The events in this story are purely fictional, though last I checked, this is GD's car
It was stupid. You should’ve been careful to not fall asleep in your studio. But it was so hard when you trained practically all day and all night for two weeks straight. You were a YouTuber just getting famous for your dance videos which meant a lot of hard work was needed to keep up with everyone else. You had several dance competitions coming up and you had to do your best. Not only did you want the exposure, but the prize money is what allowed you to keep pursuing your passion. Practice for three hours, short break, another three hours, another short break, etc. until you physically couldn’t do it anymore. Then you’d catch the bus home if they were still running. A year in Seoul and you knew you never wanted to drive in Korea.
After waking up from what was supposed to be your short break, you knew you needed to get home. Even though you had a ‘No rest for the wicked’ mindset with your work, it was Christmas Eve. There was no one waiting for you at home since you came to Korea and never had the time to meet anyone since then, but it still felt like you should be home. Perhaps it was habit.
You stepped out of the studio and immediately wrapped your arms around yourself. When had it started to snow? It was late and it was snowing pretty badly, a horrible combination. You rushed to the bus stop to try to catch the last bus. You made it five minutes early and sat down on the bench close to the wall, trying to keep warm for the next few minutes. It was too cold to bother doing anything on your phone so you just watched the almost nonexistent traffic.
It felt like it should’ve been at least five minutes already so you quickly pulled out your phone to check. It had been seven minutes. Given the weather, the bus was probably late. So you waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes past the scheduled time and you became worried. What if they cancelled the buses? That would mean either walking in the snow halfway across town or crashing in the studio and trying to stay warm. You didn’t like either idea. You were pulled from your thoughts when a white, expensive-looking car pulled up in front of the bus stop.
The window rolled down. “Are you okay?” A man’s voice called in English. You would have been fine with Korean, but it was polite of him since he could see just by your face that you were a foreigner.
“Y-yeah,” you answered, shivering. “J-Just waiting f-for the bus.”
“The buses are cancelled when the weather gets this bad.”
“Damnit,” you swore under your breath. You looked back up to the man whose face you could barely see. “Th-thank you for being kind enough to t-tell me. Who knows how l-long I would’ve waited.” You stood up and bowed politely to the stranger. Then you looked in the direction you needed to go. Would it be worth it or should you chance the cold studio?
“How far are you going?” the man asked. You told him the general area, not wanting to give away anything specific. He was kind, but he was still a stranger. “That’s way too far in this weather. Would you like a ride?”
Immediately, you became defensive. “N-no, thank y-you,” you replied in Korean. You wanted him to know that you weren’t a complete foreigner and that you couldn’t be taken advantage of.
“That’s really far,” he reiterated in Korean.
“I’ll be fine thank you.”
He turned on a light in the car, his face finally illuminated. He looked familiar, but you weren’t sure from where. Maybe you had seen him around the area before.
“Do you recognize me?”
You cocked your head slightly. “A little. Do you work around here as well?”
You heard him chuckle. “A little ways back, actually, but my place is that way” he indicated to the direction you were going “so I was just passing by. I’m sure you’re worried about getting into a car with a stranger, but I can assure you, I’m only concerned for your safety in this weather. You can even keep 119 dialed into your phone in case you feel threatened. And I don’t have to take you home, I can just drop you off at a coffee shop or something in your neighborhood. No worries about it.”
You bit your lip as you considered it. Koreans were generally very friendly and he seemed very nice. But it also wouldn’t be the first time a guy had tried to…mess with you since you were a foreigner. Some guys seemed to think all foreigners were easy. But then again, it was literally freezing out and your entire body except your layered torso was painfully cold already. You decided to take a leap of faith and trust in humanity.
You nodded your head. “Alright. Thank you. I really appreciate it.” You walked to the car and pulled the handle, jumping back when the door opened upwards. You heard him start laughing. He quickly pressed his lips together to suppress it when you looked at him. You brushed the accumulated snow off of you and sat sideways in the car. You tried to get the snow off of your shoes.
“Don’t worry about that. Just come in before you freeze both of us,” he laughed. You moved your feet in and looked at the door. How the hell were you supposed to close that? You worries were abated when it closed on its own. It must have had automatic control. With the door now closed, you could relish in the wonderful warmth of the heated car. And now that you were in the car, you could get a better look at the man.
He was beautiful. Not just handsome, but actually beautiful. He wasn’t just a pretty boy, he was prettier than pretty much any female you knew, definitely yourself included. Especially considering you didn’t wear makeup when practicing. You silently thanked yourself for throwing on extra deodorant and body spray before leaving the studio. The last thing you needed was to smell like a gym bag. Without your permission, you could feel yourself blush and you looked away. You hoped that the blush would be masked by whatever the cold had done to your face.
He chuckled. “Where would you like me to take you?” You told him the name of a well-known coffee shop about a ten minute walk from your apartment. He told you he knew the place and then the two of you drove off.
It was quiet for a minute before you finally said something. “You must be a celebrity, right?”
“Is it that obvious?”
“Your car is, for sure. Plus, you look...well, I could see you being a celebrity.”
He laughed his small tittering laugh again and you felt your heart flutter. No way. That was not allowed. You had not spent a year in Korea, carefully avoiding getting involved in any Kpop group or celebrity so that you could focus on work, just to get all school girl about some celebrity. You were not going down that road. Even though you were a hiphop dancer and did covers and original choreography for kpop songs, you had made sure to not get involved in any fan base. You listened to the music you liked. But for videos, you only watched the videos for the purpose of learning the dances. You couldn’t pick any of the bands or singers you liked by sight even if they were in a lineup.
Then he began to ask about what you did. And for some reason, you felt like you could tell him. You two talked the whole way to the coffee shop and he complimented you on your near-flawless Korean. He was interested in your dancing and he told you he was in a band. The conversation felt natural and peaceful. You didn’t talk to many people since you were more of an introvert than anything, but something about him made you want to talk. It was probably just the sweet look on his face he had whenever he turned to look at you. Or maybe it was because, after tonight, you were never going to see him again so there was no need to worry about what he thought about you.
Sooner than you would have liked, you reached the café. A large part of you didn’t want to leave the car, and not because of the weather. He parked in front of the long closed business. The car idled, neither of you saying anything. Finally, you knew you had to leave.
“Thank you for the ride. I’m really grateful. You being a celebrity, I’m sure it was a big chance to take, checking up on a stranger, especially offering a ride to one.”
“I’m glad I could help. And anyway, I could tell you weren’t like other girls who could be a problem.”
“Because I didn’t even recognize you?”
“There’s that too,” he admitted with a laugh. That laugh.
You cleared your throat. “I guess I should go then. Thanks again.”
“No problem.”
You reached for the handle. “Actually.” You stopped, waiting to hear what he would say, your stomach in knots. “I, um... never mind, sorry. Uh, be safe. Be careful in this weather.”
You couldn’t help the disappointment you felt. For a second, you thought he was going to ask for your number. But why would he? He was nice, but he was still a celebrity. You were no one.
“Thanks, I will. And the same to you.” You opened the door and were greeted with the biting cold. You quickly got out and shut the door, not wanting to make him cold. You stepped onto the sidewalk and waved to him. In the dim light of the streetlamps, you could see the outline of him waving back. You turned and started walking, the smile slowly slipping from your face. You stuffed your hands in your pockets and willed yourself to not look back. You heard him drive away. You didn’t even get his name. But maybe that was for the better.
When you reached your building, you quickly scurried inside, your almost numb fingers not wanting to open your door. When you finally got it open, you shed your wet outer garments and raced to the thermostat. You curled up on the couch under a blanket, waiting to get warm. You reached for your phone. But it wasn’t there. You patted your pockets, but it wasn’t in them. You ran back to your jacket, stuffing your hands in the pockets. Not there either. You threw the clothes around, checking if it had fallen. But it wasn’t anywhere. You were panicked.
Then you closed your eyes. No, no, no. There was no way you could have been stupid enough to lose your phone in his car. And you didn’t have a landline. There was no way of calling your phone. No way to get it back. Everything was on your phone, all your appointments, contacts, schedules, everything.
‘No, I’m done for the day’, you thought to yourself. You quickly got ready for bed and collapsed into it. Maybe tomorrow, you could go back to the coffee place. It would be closed, but if he noticed he had your phone, maybe he would go back there. You could only hope. Your brain tried to keep you awake, but your exhausted body dragged you into sleep. And you dreamed of him.
The next day, you woke up at your usual early time. “Merry Christmas,” you told yourself. You were going to send out some texts and messages to family and friends saying the same, but then you remembered you still didn’t have your phone. You ate a quick breakfast and then bundled up.
It was no longer snowing outside, but it was still freezing cold. Remnants of last night’s snow still dusted roofs and signs where the sun had not reached yet. Hands in your pockets, you walked to the café again. You looked around but didn’t see his car. It was probably too early anyway. Of course, you didn’t even know if he would show.
The street was still hidden from the sun’s rays, so the outside seating still had a thin layer of snow and ice on it. You leaned against the brick wall instead. You laughed at yourself. He probably wouldn’t come back. He was a celebrity and probably had a thousand better things to do on Christmas than return your phone. But it wasn’t like you had anything to lose. Your family was back in the states and the few friends you had made over here were spending Christmas with their families. No one was waiting for you.
Maybe you could find a payphone later and call since the few stores in the area were closed. It’s not like you could ask your neighbors since you hadn’t even screwed up the courage to introduce yourself when you moved in.
You bounced your back against the wall, hoping the slight movement would keep you warm. No pedestrians passed and very few cars drove by. You were still in Seoul, but in an outlying area. You used your feet to make shapes in the slushy snow, hoping the time would pass by quickly. You smiled as you doodled little hearts and stars, your thoughts still caught up in his smile, his eyes. You were so wrapped up in your own world that you didn’t even hear the sound of footsteps crunching their way across the street to you. You stopped drawing when a pair of boots stopped at your periphery.
You looked up to see a man in sunglasses and a black mask staring at you. “Can I help you?” you asked him. He took his sunglasses off and you instantly recognized the eyes. “Oh!”
He laughed and you laughed back, his laugh was too contagious not to. He pulled down the mask. “How long did I make you wait?”
“You didn’t make me wait. I didn’t even know if you would come, or if you even noticed my phone.”
“I saw it on the way home. It lit up while I was driving. I waited for you to call it.”
“I don’t have a landline and no one I can ask... I’m sorry for making you come all the way out here. Especially on Christmas. Sorry for messing up whatever your plans were.”
“Actually, I didn’t really have plans. And, I was...kinda hoping you would be here.” You looked at him in confusion. “I was too nervous to say anything last night and I regretted it as soon as you walked away.” He handed you your phone. On the front was a sticky note with a number.
His hand once again went to rub the back of his neck. “I’m Jiyong. And that’s my number. If you, y’know, maybe wanna meet up sometime or something like that.” He looked around shyly in complete contrast to the charisma he seemed to exude. “But I didn’t want you to feel obligated so I won’t ask for your number, I’ll let you decide. But, um, can I have your name?”
“Y/N,” you answered back just as shyly. Plenty of guys had asked you out and many of them were good looking, but none of them asked in the way he did. Instead of making it sound like it would be a privilege to go out with him, he sounded like the privilege would be his, he sounded...sincere. He repeated your name as if savoring the sound. “Are you...asking me out?” You had to confirm it.
Jiyong coughed and looked around. “Um, if that’s okay. I—but you don’t have to if you don’t want to, y’know. I just thought, maybe there was something. It was really nice—or I thought it was a nice conversation. But, yeah.”
You looked down at the number. You were nervous as hell. “I’ll think about it. Okay?”
Your heart hurt at the disappointment that flashed across his face. But he was quick to cover it with a smile. “Of course. You should think about it. Right. Well, um, Merry Christmas,” he said as he stepped back. He checked for traffic and then crossed.
You quickly unlocked the phone to see various social media and messaging notifications. You ignored them and went straight for the number pad. You dialed the number on the note and pressed call. You looked to see Jiyong just reaching his car. He stopped when his phone started ringing. You giggled when he looked confused at the unknown number.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Merry Christmas, Jiyong.”
I hope you enjoyed the little story. The idea popped up and demanded to be written. Fluffy!!!
Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged or only tagged in certain communities. Also, please let me know if I'm missing anything for the submission. Thank you!!!
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