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To my loyal Readers thank you for loving my smut fics this much and Im sorry I couldn't stay to finish more.. Here's my last story for all of you!!

His hands were on the back of your thighs before you could think. His fermented lips softly crashed against yours as his arms flexed and he pinned you against the wall by his pelvis.
Seunghyun groans on your lips as his hands come to your torso. Your hands push up the back of his business shirt and into his hair as he turns his lips on yours for a better angle.
There was no question that his tongue dominated your mouth. This was Seunghyun, he would dominate you in more ways then you could think and he would do it easily. That however, would make no difference to you trying.
His hands return to your thigh as his fingertips found a way under your dress and made it easer for him to pull it up in one swift and sexy movement.
You break the kiss and hit his shoulders. Seunghyun steps back and you fall from the wall. His hair, in messy cow licks from your aggression. The first few buttons of his shirt were undone. Your red lip marks owned his neck and mouth.
One point for you. You had marked him before he had the chance to mark you.
Seunghyun took a step back. Smirked. And lifting his hand, palm down, two fingers extended and tucked them swiftly in towards his palm twice.
Fuck. One point for him.
You marched to him. Your hungry hands racing to his shirt and you harshly pull the material from his body with a groan that he soon matched. His body shifted with your surprising strength as he looked down and watched you expose his abs to yourself.
Seunghyun licked his lips.
“Good.” He praised darkly.
“My turn.”
You looked up at him with his words and he stepped forward. Soon sending you back into the wall. You bite your lip as his hands come to your shoulder and flip you against the plaster.
His hands come to your dress gently but he tore away viciously. Your body tingled as his beautiful strong hands ripped your dress and buttoned the soft material over your shoulders. The chevron floors under your feet quickly homed your beautiful dress and you were being flipped again.
Seunghyun lifted you easily and pushed you harshly against the wall. His lips returning to yours like he remembered he owned them.
You pushed at his shirt to get to his bare shoulders, where you let your nails leave their mark that has Seunghyun groaning deeply. His hips buck against you and the wall.
That had to be worth at least four points.
Seunghyun holds you as he backs away from the wall and turns towards the bedroom. You break from the kiss in need of air as the skilled rapper moves to your neck where begins sucking his first mark onto you.
You watch the wine glasses disappear as the living room shifts into the hallway and then to the bedroom. Seunghyun tosses you on the bed and you yelp as you settle from bouncing to find Seunghyun standing in front of the mattress with an all too delicious smirk.
Your legs push together at his image and you know you just gave him two points.
Seunghyun eagerly takes his ruined shirt off and then slowly moves to his belt.
Damn it. He knows this part always gets to you.
Seunghyun slowly but very swiftly undoes his belt and glides it from its dark loops. His fingers popping his pants button but leaving them on as he crawls on to the bed.
You think quick and scoot up as far as the bed will let you then gently set your toes on his forehead. Seunghyun evaluates the bottom of your foot as his mouth opens widely.
Your fingertips push down on your panties waist line and the red material glides down your legs. You loop your free leg out of the first hole and that leaves them dangling in front of Seunghyuns face.
His reflexs work fast and he grabs the red cloth with one hand and twists it so you can’t pull out of them. He then slams your foot into the bed by the material.
You bite your lip as his mouth comes to your thigh and marks you as his over and over. Every time getting closer to your artery and releasing more and more serotonin into your system. You tried to push up but his hold was too strong for you to gain anything.
“Seunghyun..” You mewl as you try to squirm under his marks.
“Hmm.” He hums devilishly.
“I love it when you say my name.” Seunghyun groans against your thigh as he sucks another mark onto your thigh.
You run your hair through his hair and curl your fist around his locks. Seunghyun groans on your skin and you bite your lip as you tug his head right, and left. He hisses through his teeth as he looks up at you.
“Y/N..” He tests and you tell your body not to give in or shiver.
“Right now I’m a bit busy,” he said as he tapped your thigh with his long fingers.
“So you just be patient and I’ll play with you in a second.” His tone was sex, his eyes were wild with desire and lust, his voice.. Well. His voice was Seunghyun.
You decided to enjoy your show until you could think of a way to win.
Seunghyun kissed his mark with a satisfied groan and moves to leave the next one. Your eyebrows push up as you notice the pattern.
He was sucking his initials onto your thigh.
Three points for him.
You smiled as a thought rushed into your mind. Seunghyun hums as he touches up a few of the markings that had dared to fade before him. You moved your hand down on your other thigh and ticked over to your womanhood.
A moan escaped you as warm pleasure spread from your chilled fingertips. Seunghyuns attention faltered as his head ticked to watch you touch yourself right in front of his eyes.
His eyes shoot to yours and you wink at him before biting your lip and arching your back again.
Seunghyun groans at your move. His hand coming up and touching yours but not stoping you. You brought out his voyeuristic side and he had never gotten this good of a view before. He was savoring it.
He licked his lips and groaned as he watched your fingers spread yourself open right before his eyes. Sure, the initials on your thigh said you were his, but the possession you had over him made him yours.
“Y/N.” Seunghyun growled and you knew just how to respond.
“Oh, Seunghyun!” You praised as you moved your fingers faster up and over your clit.
“Oh shit.” Seunghyun muttered as his neck went limp, as if he could no longer support his head.
Seunghyuns free hand came to your moving one and froze your motions in their place, mid moan. His body quickly dwarfed yours as he moved up the bed. His other hand releasing your panties and finding your wrist.
His lips came to yours and your mouth was already open so it made it extremely easy for him to charge and take your mouth once again. You tried to fight back, you lost deliciously. You refused to go down without a fight and oh, what a fight.
You moaned as you felt his tongue take over. The dance you two shared within each other’s mouths was truly astonishing. His hands pinned your wrists above your head and he bucked into you, letting you feel how hard he was through his pants.
Seunghyun robs your bottom lip as he pulls away and then brings his forehead to yours, his lips hovering over yours as he closes his eyes to feel you panting on his lips.
“Turn over.” He orders and a second after he finished his demands, he let go of your hands and sat up on the bed.
You were eager to comply. The voyeuristic journey left your body even more needy then before. You craved a release and you wanted Seunghyun to gift it to you. Harshly.
Seunghyun held your waist and helped you turn. It was this mindless touch made you even more needy for him. He kicked out of the rest of his clothes as you readied yourself on all fours.
You flip your hair over your shoulder and Seunghyun neatly gathers it in one hand as his other comes your cheek and propels your flesh over so he can find your rim.
A groan enters the room as Seunghyun rolls his hips to spread your juices around. You moan as he pulls on your hair and pushes into you at the same time.
Fuck he felt good, but you wouldn’t curse in front him. Seunghyun didn’t like that.
He groaned the most beautiful groan. It was loud and low and shattered against your body in countless ways. Seunghyun was good at instantly developing a pace. This one was smooth but hard. He was still working you but you knew he would soon take you hard and that’s exactly what you wanted.
“Y/N.” He moans as he pulls your hair back, causing you to moan for him.
“Oh, Seunghyun.” You praise as he readjusts his hand in your hair to pull right from the roots.
You push your body back against his and listen as he groans at your move. You were not in control but Seunghyun let you move. He straightens himself and looks down as you push back onto him harder and harder. Faster and faster.
Seunghyun freely groaned and moaned for you. Liking your actions and what they did to him, but you had a conspiracy it was doing more for your body.
You felt as your body reacted to Seunghyuns length as you pushed yourself onto him. He was letting you move, knowing that you love the feeling of riding him. Your body was burning with lust and writhing with pleasure.
Seunghyun was equipped with everything you could ever need to seduce and provide pleasure for you and he knew it. He knew all the tips and tricks to get you exactly where and how he wanted you. And you let him, because you knew you were exactly what he needed.
A sharp sensation undulates on your back side as Seunghyun spanks his print into you. You cry your pleasure and hum as you bite your lower lip. Seunghyuns hand contracts as he pulls at your fleshy meat. You roll your back in your cat pose and the svelte man losses his grace.
Seunghyuns hands grab your waist and he lowers himself to slide his hands up your back to find your hair. As much as he had been enjoying his rare view, he couldn’t stay still any longer. His own hunger twisted with yours all too well. His watched hand comes down on your ass again and you moan from the heat of his print.
You push your body into a downward dog position, except you stayed on your knees. This allowed you to take all of Seunghyun as he reached for your soft hair. He pulled roughly but not too hard as to ripple pain. Just enough for you to groan with him.
Seunghyun keeps that hand in your hair as his other rubs his hand print and firmly holds your waist. You could tell from the way he was breathing that he was fueled with adrenaline but his hands still remained steady and even. How he was able to do that, confused you yet it contradicted as a huge turn on.
You looked up slightly and saw that your arms were glistening. The micro diamonds that your body pushed out from under your skin shimmered against your complexion.
Seunghyun pounds you hard yet evenly as you cry with every hit and he groans. Your arms become week from his strength and his breathing picks up with his hips.
Moan after moan left your lips and you didn’t try to stop them. You were high off of satisfaction and Seunghyuns pheromones. Your mouth opened wide as your leaned forward on your arms and lifted your head into Seunghyuns pulling hand with a airy moan. Seunhyungs hand on your hip tightened as you rocked forward and he tried his best to follow you as to not lose any pleasure for himself.
“Hmm, Y/N.” He moans deliciously.
Your body tingles as you moan at the sound of your name on his deep tone. Endorphins blurring your vision as your body shakes under Seunghyun. His hand leaves your hair and you immediately miss the feeling if it there. You whine and he curses, causing you to smile.
Another point for you; you couldn’t help your childish side that wanted to keep counting.
Seunghyun pulls out of you and your body goes to collapse without him, regardless of if you’d had your release or not. The arcane man catches you before you could fall completely to the bed and turns you to rest on your back.
“I want to see you.” He confesses and you nod your head once as you move your hands to his soft shoulders.
Seunghyun guides himself between your saturated folds and you moan as he fills you easily. Your body immediately starts to focus in on his size as he groans and you look over his sweaty face. Seunughyun was beautiful matte but the diamonds his body pushed from under his skin were particularly exquisite.
He was still shy. You could tell so your hand comes up from his shoulder and finds his face as he pushed into your readying body over and over. Hitting places inside of you only Seunghyun could find.
You tilt his face up from your bra and he licks his lips as he looks into your eyes. Seunghyuns hand coming to the side of your face as he rests on his forearm and uses the leverage to thrust into you harder.
It was easy for Seunghyun to find the spot he wanted once he wanted to find it. Your back arched under him and he groaned as he buried his face and lips between your bra. Orgasmic waves teased your body as you screamed for him.
“Oh, Seunghyun!” Your voice was hungry but slightly desperate.
The hand beside your face slid under your head and held the hair at the base of your neck as Seunghyun brought his other hand to place around your neck.
Seunghyun created a v with his hand and laid his hand over your sensitive skin like a necklace. You moan as his fingers dance with your thyroid and pleasure overtakes your weak body.
“Oh my GOD! Seunghyun!” To him, his name was a praise, a curse word and a kink.
Seunghyun growls as his hips hit your sweet spot again and again. Your mind giving up on sense and semantics. He brought his face up to yours, his hand tightening around your neck and loosening around the soft spot at the base of your neck.
“Come for me, Y/N.” He whispers darkly into your ear and your body gave him exactly what he wanted, not a moment after his asked of it.
You shake as your existence explodes under the magical creature that could only be; Choi Seunghyun.
Every cell in your body experienced the harsh, delectable, riveting sensation of your orgasm. You tensed under him as it overtook you and Seunghyun groans as he finds is release in your spasming core. Your breath shook as your body slowly relaxed into the bed.
Seunghyun hums as he pulls out of you with care and brings his face to yours as he slides into the bed to join your relaxation. His arm coming out for you.
Even though your body had happily implanted itself into the satan sheets you picked yourself up and rested your hand and head on Seunghyuns chest, because that’s an invitation you’d never refuse.
His beautiful hand come to your back as he traces his initials onto you again and again, or at least that’s what it felt like he was doing.
Sleep offered to take you away and you were just about to excuse yourself from reality when Seunghyuns gentle fingers tapped on the skin he was marking as his.
Your eyebrows were the first to move and then your eyelids picked up as you tilt your head up to look at Seunghyun.
His eyes glowed in the moonlight and his features popped. You lick at your dry lips as you await his words.
“62 to 45. You can do better than that.” He notes as he smirked.
At some point you had stopped counting but that was around twenty and early on. Your furrow your eyebrows before you question him.
“Are you sure you didn’t over count? We decided that groans are only worth half a point.” You say and Seunghyuns smile spreads.
“Okay then…” He said as he recalculated.
“52 to 45.” He confesses and you nod against his comfy chest.
Seunghyun chuckles as his thumb starts circling on your back.
“But you know my groans are worth more than half a point.” He says and you smile on his chest as sleep robs you from the conversation before you could agree.
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I missed your last card, so this took me by surprise 😢. You're my favorite smut writer. I hope everything is okay and we'll be here if you decide to come back. Thank you for all the amazing fics! ❤️
everything is fine just need rest.. 💜💜💜💜 Im honored you love my smuts hopefully in the future I can keep this up
😭😭😭😢😢😢 thanks for the awesome stories I'm gonna miss u
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How the hell I miss a Smut with my UB.. LAWD JESUS LAWD JESUS... HELP ME SURVIVE THIS MAN!!!!