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You have been dating your boyfriend, Taehyung, for about 4 years now; and will be spending everyday until Christmas together.
Day 11/25
"Taehyung! It's snowing again!" I yelled as I hit his shoulder. I shook the sleeping boy as he hit my arm.
"Are you gonna make cookies for breakfast?"
"I have to get changed first."
"But I don't wanna get up, bring me my breakfast." He said in a deep voice.
"Let go of me so I could get dressed first." He let go of my arm first, I walked to the dresser and picked out my clothes. I got dressed and dried my hair with a blow drier hearing Taehyung mumble, "Turn it down." I would giggle every time he would say that.
"Taehyung, what do you want for breakfast?"
"I want cookies."
"You know you can't have cookies in the morning, go take a shower and I'll make you breakfast while you're doing that okay?"
"Yesss." He got up and walked to the bathroom. I grinned and moved to the kitchen.
I poured the eggs into the pan hearing a sizzling noise as the bacon was cooking. I popped the toast in the toaster and set up the table.
"Ahh- Oh it's just you Taehyung! Don't stand in the doorway like that, you scared me."
"Oh sorry." He said ruffling his hair with a towel.
I finished the eggs and put them on the plates. The toast popped out and I spread some jam on it and put it on the plates along with the bacon. I sat at the table and started to eat with Taehyung.
"Where's my cookie?" He asked looking around.
"You can have one later. But after we eat we can run around in the snow and make a snowman. How does that sound?"
"That would be fun." He said grabbing a piece of my bacon.
"I love bacon!" He said shoving it in his mouth.
"Taehyung!"I complained.
"Hahaha!" He laughed and I took a piece of his toast and shoved it in my mouth.
"Ha!" He then started pouting.
"I'm sorry I'll make you more."
"First you forget my cookie and now you take my toast."
"I'm sorry, I'll make you chocolate cookies later I promise." We interlocked pinkies. I took a bite of my eggs and spit it out.
"Eeww, I think I might've switched up the sugar and salt. It's super sweet and gross."
He then started laughing.
"Did you do this?"
"No, you reaction was priceless."
After dinner we started to make a snowman outside.
"it's really cute." I said in surprise.
Then a snowball came flying to my back. I turned around and saw Taehyung smirking.
"You're so gonna get it."
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