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What Would You Do?
Ok on do. it is repeat I do not encourage this but who would choose and why? choose wisely
ok I would choose Jimin. Jungkook is my brothers age and that is all that I see Jungkook. truthfully Jimin is a fine specimen, but.....agh! I have no words.
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I love kookie but since I'd want to be with jimin I'd probably cheat on little kookie bee for jimin
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I'd cheat on Kookie with Jimin. Honestly I wouldn't want to cheat on any of them, since they all deserve our love and attention, but Jimin is my bias wrecker, and he would take it worse than Kookie would.
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cheat on kookie. actually I would never date kookie, as he's my age and I see his as a dongsaeng before anything else. plus Jimin is bae.
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I don't have a bias in bts. I don't think I would be able to cheat
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