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[ Taehyung's POV] I gave up trying to look cool and just went with a simple day to day wear, besides I'll go straight to practice after dropping Yanna at the hospital. I told the manager about Yanna's appointment and waited for Yanna in the living room. I also told the guys to go to the studio before me and that I'll follow. She finished after about 15mins. "Let's go?" I asked, and she just nodded. - It's really awkward inside the car. No one is talking and it's making me feel more nervous... so I decided to break the silence. "Yanna." "Taehyung." we said in unison. "What is it? You go first." I told her. There was hesitation in her eyes but she still proceeded, "A while ago, I called you TaeTae. It was really sudden, even I was shocked by it. I know you were, too." she pasued. "Tae... I've started remembering a few things by now. And.. I'm sure about one thing, at least." We're almost at the hospital and I think I need to go see the doctor myself cause my heart is beating like crazy. "W-what is it?" I was nervous that she might remember the things I said during the night of the accident. I didn't want it to ruin my plans for today. Not yet. "I....I think..No... I know. I can feel it." She paused. My nervousness is beyond normal by now.. I parked the car near the hospital entrance... and I looked at her. "What is it, Yanna?" She closed her eyes. Took a deep breath, then looked at me straight in the eyes. "I like you, TaeTae. I have since then." Damn. I think my heart stopped. -- [ Yanna's POV ] We're staring at each other's eyes. He's not even moving. He's just looking at me. It's been 3 minutes, I guess. 'Why isn't he responding? Shit. I got ahead of myself. I shouldn't have said it.' I looked away cause I feel like crying. I feel like an idiot right now. "HAHAHAHA-" I turned to him and he kept on laughing. My embarrassment turned into annoyance in a split second. "You're a jerk!" I was about to open the door, when he grabbed my arm, and made me face him. He was still laughing. "Phew. Okay I'll stop laughing. I'm just- I'm speechless. I shouldn't have let you spoken first. You crushed my ego." He said with a smile on his face while looking up. "What are you tal--" "I like you much more, Yanna. God knows how much I like you." He didn't waste a second and went immediately for my lips. 'Did he say he likes me back? Did I hear it right?' I told myself. I looked at him and his eyes were closed. His eyelashes are so long. His features are just heavenly beautiful. I started to close my eyes, too, and just went with the mood. He was moving his lips softly, and I did the same and placed my free hand on his nape. His hands were supporting my back as we kissed each other. We stayed like that for I don't know how long when he finally broke the kiss, his hands still on my back. We rested our forehead against each other and he spoke, "I was going to confess first. i didn't have any idea you'd say the same." he smiled softly. "I feel so happy right now. Thank you, Yanna." then he started to lean closer again. I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to meet mine, but I felt him snap his finger on my forehead instead and I heard a light laugh. "Ow! What was that for???" "You're late for your appointment. I still have practice. I'll see you later. Get that thing off now, it's getting in the way a while ago." he winked I felt my cheeks heat up, and faced the door to open it when he pulled me to face him again. "We'll continue this later." He smirked after stealing a kiss from me again. "Perv!!!" I immediately went out the car, and headed for the hospital entrance, half skipping, with a wide smile on my face.
Aaaaah. I think I cringed the whole time while writing this. I never wrote something so cheesy before. I'll update Chapter 12 soon. Please look forward to it! Please leave your suggestions, requests, and reactions on the comments section below! If you want to be tagged, too, just comment below :)) Tags: B: @BTSxEXO E: @EmilyCayetano J: @JaxomB T: @Taekookimonster