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Ahh~Kim Namjoon, My First Bias In BTS...

I Wonder If He'll Try To Win Me Back After I Started To Bias TaeTae lol



⭐Fabulous Pink Mon⭐

❤I Love His Smile So Much❤

((Not considered sexy but.... how can you not love his smile??))

((Umm... I couldn't find any good sexy moment videos......Sooo I'll just link Rap Mon's song or cover (idk) 'Expensive Girl'))

((I will NEVER look at Namjoon the same way pure innocent ears xD)) ((mY imAGinAtION StARTeD RunNiNG WILD!!))

I think I'm gonna take a break from Rap Mon today.....

He hurt me in so many ways ;-; I was going to upload this yesterday... but I was busy with other stuff & whatnot xP We only have two members left, who will they be?? *drumroll plz*


pfft, Hobi is too pure to be sexy.......right. RIGHT?! ❤~A.R.M.Y's~❤ @QueenPandaBunny @Luna1171 @ESwee @yoongiinfiresme @kookiefan @twistedPuppy @LinnyOk @FromBlue2U @amberg171997 IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED TO MY BTS TAG LIST, PLEASE COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME~❤(LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED)
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Dat K. Namjoon😍😍😍 Makes me [[sometimes]] envy Rap Monster-biased fans ;-; P.s. Tag me, please?
a year ago·Reply
when your bias is so hot it burns your soul😏😂
a year ago·Reply
I have a friend who just lost her bias position to j-hope. it used to be rap monster. I'm going to send these all to her.😂 btw j-hope has a sneaky sexy....if you look you'll see.
a year ago·Reply
omg❤ i died and was reborn with each pic i can't handle so much sexy in 1 card HELP😍😍😍
a year ago·Reply
so like Namjoon has a cute nose .... I'm note the only who think that right xD
a year ago·Reply
no, you're not the only one😂
a year ago