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"What is it?" Taehyung asked me again after I didn't respond for a minute. This is it. Just tell him. "Don't get mad at me, but I think your girlfriend is cheating on you." I said finally getting the truth out in the open. There was a deafening silence and I nervously looked at Taehyung. His face showed no emotion as he blankly looked out onto the street. I could physically feel the tension rise in the air as I waited for him to say something. After another minute Taehyung finally opened his mouth and sighed, catching me completely off guard. His eyes down casted for a second, looking at his hands lightly gripping the steering wheel and in the split second his eyes that showed no emotion was now full of sadness. "I know." He whispered half heartily. Taehyung then opened a compartment and took out some sunglasses, immediately putting them to cover his eyes. "You know?" I asked, astonished, raising an eyebrow, disregarding that it he was wearing sunglasses when it wasn't even sunny. "Namjoon isn't very stealthy. I saw them leave together when they didn't even talk to Mr.Park and the way they act around each other...."Taehyung looked the other way. "it's pretty obvious." "Why don't you break up with her? She's cheating on you." I said, moving slightly as Taehyung drove the car outside the apartment complex, but didn't say anything until he parked the car. "It's complicated." He mumbled, . The words were spoken so soft that if I didn't have increased hearing I wouldn't of heard it. I shifted again uncomfortable, not sure what to say. "I'm sorry I brought it up. I just thought you should know." I mumbled guilt starting to wash over me. Taehyung looked up at the sky outside of his mirror for a brief moment and back to the front. "It's ok." Taehyung said simply, unbuckling and opening the car door. "But, answer me this though." Taehyung quickly changed the subject with his black eyes bearing into me. I sat there wondering what he could want. I didn't respond. The tension in the room somehow intimating me. "You're not really dating Namjoon, are you?" I looked at him dumbfounded, blinking once, twice, three times as he looked at me. Finally I spoke. "No." I said. "No I'm not." Taehyung nodded his head "then I'm happy. If he was cheating on Rosanna I would of kicked his ass." After he said that he quickly got out , shutting it with a heavy thud. The sound echoed in my ears, lingering for a second before disappearing into the cold air that had moved in. What did I do..... I asked myself. I felt terrible down to the bone, or maybe it was the drunken-like state coming earlier than expected, either way I slowly unbuckled to get out. The loud click going through me as I stared straight ahead. I had a flash of deja vu walking into the apartment from five weeks ago and saw that it hadn't changed on bit. Taehyung flicked on the lights and took off his shoes. I did the same. "Where can I sleep?" I looked around as if this was my first time here, peering at all the photos and wall decor he had on his walls. "You don't have to pretend you haven't been here." Taehyung's voice rang in my ears, shocking me. How did he know? "How did you know?" I asked, repeating my though out loud. Taehyung smirked a little, setting his keys down. "You haven't changed from the last time I saw you. The way you danced gave it away." Taehyung laughed a little, pausing for a second. "and also... Namjoon told me." I rolled my eyes. "Great.....You're right Namjoon really can't keep a secret." I said sarcastically, making Taehyung laughed a little. I smiled in response and walked to the hallway. He seems ok now. I was afraid I had made him really mad at me. -next day- Taehyung's POV Namjoon was right. Giala would be in a frenzy. Her body swayed lightly from left to right, looking unbalanced and light as a feather from the minute she woke up. Shivers sparked uncontrollably through her body and the sweat rolling slowly down her forehead. "Hey Taehyung?" Giala slurred, lightly lifting up her hand to point at me where I was doing the dishes. "What?" I said, lazily since she had asked this same question ten times before. There was a slight paused until she started to laughed, slamming her head down on the counter to which she was sitting at. "Ya, it's very funny...." I mumbled, putting the last plate away. Muffled words came from Giala's mouth as her lips pressed against the wood, saliva dripping. "Hey! get your mouth off my counter." I yelled, running up to her and jerking my head up. Giala whined, rubbing her head, and looked up at me. "Whyyyyyyy." She said, pouting like a little kid. "It's unsanitary." She just laughed. "What should I do with my lips then?" She slurred, smiling, and blinking a few times in innocence. I clicked my tongue in confusion and walked away. "I don't know. I'll give you some food to eat." She nodded, I think happily, clapping her one good hand on the table lazily. I went to get a bowl and poured a random food in it when I heard the chair scoot. Why can't she stay still? "Wait Giala I'll help you. You can't walk right now." I said, quickly walking back. I saw her drunkenly take a few steps to the couch's frame. "Hey watch out!" I yelled, as I saw her loose her footing, before starting to fall. "Wahhh!" I outstretched my arms quickly and wrapped them around her, abruptly stopping her. "Are you ok?" I asked, but I knew she wouldn't respond. She hasn't responded to me all day. She lazily looked up at me, a confused look slowly spreading across her face. What is it now? She brung her good hand up and poked my cheek curiously, like a toddler seeing a new toy. "What are you doing?" I looked at her weirdly and tried to shake her hand away, but she began to touch with my hair, almost like she was inspecting it. What the.... "Hmmmmmm." She suddenly mumbled, but it came out more like an ahhhhhhhhh. "What is she doing?" I mumbled. I grabbed her hand, holding it firmly in mine. "Can you stop touching me." I told her sternly. "V...." she slurred, then twirling my hair smiled, biting her tongue lightly. I widen my eyes in shock and almost dropped her on the spot. I hadn't heard it for seven years........Not since Namjoon and I had been thrown out of my pack. How did she know my name? I put Giala gently down on the couch and saw her frowned up at me. "Your eyes are glowing V. What's wrong?" She said, tilting, lazily, her head to the side. "Don't call me that." I spit at her harshly, suddenly remembering something. "Why not? V's your name." She laughed like it was a joke and pointed to me. "I said don't call me that!" I yelled, my teeth sharping to a point. Giala looked taken back at my sudden outburst and for a split second I felt bad. I haven't thought of my life back in the pack for years, but I know for certain only two people called me that. Namjoon and G, but.... G had died seven years ago. So how the hell does this girl know my name! -seven years ago- "Run V!" G screamed at me, the rustle of leaves tearing at the soles of her feet. I frantically moved my feet and looked ahead and saw RM far ahead of us running for his life. "They can't catch you now ok! I said I would protect you! We're leaving together!" I yelled back, taking her hand. I gripped it tightly and ran as the howls ripped through the air like a knife. The backpack tighten around my back, and I ran. Ran for my life. It wasn't just G's life we were leaving it was mine as well. The darkness of the night covered us like a thick blanket and I used it fully to my advantage. No one would see us. Not unless they knew where we would exit the forest. I felt sweat roll down my forehand, and it wasn't from running. They can't take her. They can't! I thought gripping her hand tighter. "V....your....hand...." her words came with gasps as I iron gripped her skin. "Sorry." I mumbled, but I didn't let go, only loosened it. The wind raced past my face and the howls became crisp as they approached. "There!" I pointed to the forest's break. If we just made it past that point we were home free. The moon grazed the grass, making it appear white as snow, the clean air filled my lungs as I breathed heavily. I saw RM about to pass the check point when he skidded to a halt. Why did he stop? A few seconds later G and I caught up and I almost turned pale as a ghost. In the dimness of the moon's light I saw a figure leaning against a tree just to the left of us. The white light making his skin look milky white and the sneer plastered on his face more menacing. "Shit." RM cut, threw his teeth. G hid behind my back, trying to disappear, but it was no use. Even in the darkness of the forest her brother could see her. "How did Yoongi know where we were?" I seethed, breathing in gasps trying to get air in my lungs. I could hear him laugh amusingly, the sound vibrating through the trees, and dancing furiously with the howls of his followers. They soon surrounded us, their eyes glowing green like flashlights in the jet black night. The tension rose, suffocating all three of us as we waited for someone to speak. "Come out." Yoongi demanded, walking right in our escape path. I swallowed, the saliva sickly rolling down my throat. None of us dared to move. "I won't ask again." He continued, the light green in his eyes rotating in his pupil. I felt G's hand suddenly loosen in my grip and I turned, looking at her frightened. "What are you doing?" I whispered frantically. "V, let me go." She sighed softly. "No. I won't. I won't let him have you." "Let go. I don't want you to die too trying to rescue me." She said, taking her hand out of mine,the warmth she once brung disappearing. I could tell by the way she spoke she was afraid, but I knew she was never one to put other people in danger. I felt my heart tear in half, watching G walk to her brother. The moon made her brown hair lighter, which to me, making her look even more radiate. Two men ran to her from the shadows, right when she was in front of her brother, grabbing her shoulders and making her drop to her knees. RM snarled and bolted before I could, but I didn't ponder it. We both sprinted to reach her in time. Yoongi looked up, not a care in the world, and before we knew it men came out of the woods grabbing and restricting our hands, arms and legs back too. Yoongi nodded in approval and smirked. The smile sickened me to the bone. "Don't hurt them" G demand, trying to rip from the grasp of her captors. "I came out. They're my friends, so please don't hurt them" I could hear the pleading in her voice and sensed the tears starting to streak down her checks. She must of knew what was coming for her. Yoongi looked down, kneeling down so he could be face to face, and glared, his eyes penetrating her soul. "I will kill you. If not now, then later." Yoongi sneered, gripping her neck. His teeth bared sharp points, his anger finally showing through as he dug his nails into her skin. He whispered something I couldn't hear in her ear, and I saw he him reach inside his shirt, taking out a knife, the sleek metal glistening in the light. "No!" I screamed. "Don't kill her! It was my idea to leave! Kill me!" I shrieked, but I was no use, to no avail I didn't budge. I kicked and pulled my hands and feet, pleading to get free. I saw G look at me from the distance. Tears rolled down my face, and my vision blurred from the water. The last thing I saw was her smile like it was the last time I would see her. "V! She yelled. I shook my head and looked at her, watching as she mouthed three words and eight letters. Then swiftly Yoongi plundged the knife into her body, killing her instantly as she hit the ground. -present time- It's not her. It's not her. Pull herself together Taehyung! The now mysterious girl in front of me looked at me curiously and I ripped out my phone and dialed Namjoon's number. "Namjoon!" My voiced cracked in the phone. "Taehyung! What is it?" He asked. "Giala said my name!" I yelled in the phone, ruffling my hair in anger. "Taehyung, what's so bad about that? She says your name all the time." Namjoon almost laughed, only pissing me off. "She said V you idiot! Only you and G called me that, but G's died. I freaking out here! I don't know what to do!" I said. "V....."Giala slurred again, looking up at me freak out. Damn this drunken state was really annoying me now. "Stop!" I said, moving away from her. "Don't leave me! Don't leave me!" She whined slowly and stretched out her arms lethargically, and smiling like an idiot, thinking that I would just go hug her. "I'm not going to leave you." I said said, signing and pinching the bridge of my nose. "Namjoon I need help." My voice shaked. "this is freaking me out." "I'll be back in six days. Just wait." He replied simply. I ruffled my hair and looked back at Giala. How can Namjoon not be freaking out about this? He was there when G was killed. Giala's head snapped up and she pointed at me again. "Hey! You can't leave me again." She mumbled, Her head swaying from side to side from the sudden movement, but I didn't do anything to stop it. "Eh.... Namjoon I have to go." I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket. Damn. I don't know what to do. Should I just talk to her like V? This is freaky. "I didn't leave you." I said, slowly so she could comprehend what I'm saying. Giala shook her head like a little kid. "Yes you did. I remember." Her words slurred together and it took my a minute to comprehend what she had said. "You're not G. I don't know how you know my old name, but you aren't her. The real G is died." Giala swung her head to the left and pouted. "I'm not died." Her words mixed together again and I slowly walked over. "G is died." I said again. "Nooooooooo" "Yes she is." I said, more firmly this time. "I can prove it....." She stuck out her tongue, letting it hang out of her mouth and started to use her one hand to left up her shirt. "Hey! What the hell are you doing!" I said, grabbing her hand, stopping her from proceeding anymore. Giala laughed and let her head fall on my shoulder. "You're so silly." She poked my stomach and bit her lip. "I have a scar where the blade went in my stomach." She made a swish sound and jabbed my stomach like her finger was a sword. I swallowed hard. This isn't true. "Hey." She said, poking my stomach again. "What?" I whispered, looking straight ahead. "I want to tell you something." I didn't respond, still trying to register the possibility that G could be alive. Giala lifted up her head, not paying a attention to me and cupped my ear. "I. love. you.." She whispered loudly, her lips touching my ear as she half slurred her words, bit her lips and laughing as she fell back on the couch. I widen my eyes and watched as she laid her head on the back cushion. At the same time I suddenly fell forward a little, grasping my arm. "What the hell!" I seethed, looking at my imprinted arm. The ink felt like it was in fire and it burned like hell. I began to breathed deeply, trying to settle down. Why is it acting up now of all times! There was a sudden knock at the door and I looked up, sweat starting to form on my forehand from the pain. "Who the hell is it?" I cut, looking at the door. "Taehyung, it's me." Hoseok's voice rang from the other end. I stumbled up and grabbed some sunglasses that I had been wearing yesterday and the biggest coat I could find on hand, stuffing one of my hands in. I opened the door and put my other hand inside quickly. My arm still burned but I had to try to forget about it for a minute. "Hoseok. What are you doing here so early?" I said, trying to act as normal as possible. "Namjoon called me and told me to come early." He smiled, putting his hands in his pockets "Great. I need you to watch Giala for a few hours. I'll be back before dark, so don't worry." I quickly said. I didn't wait for his response and ran out the door and out of the complex, ditching my car and opting to run. I needed to clear my mind. -Hoseok's POV- I stood there, looking at Taehyung fleeing body. Where is he going? Maybe Rosanna needs something? I shrugged my shoulders and entered the apartment. "Giala?" I said, curiously looking around. I heard sobbing and walked into the living room. Giala was face up with her head resting on the top of the couch with her sniffling and dramatic crying filling the air. "Eh Giala?" I asked confused, slowly walking towards her. What did Taehyung do to her? She's crying like she's drunk. I looked about, but didn't see any bottles. Ok, so she's not drunk.... "V. You left me again....." she sobbed, messly wiping her eyes. "You promised....." "Um, I don't know who V is, but I just got here, so do you want to watch some TV. That will clear your mind." I suggested, giving her a smile, but she didn't respond. I felt uncomfortable watching her and sat on the couch, turning on the TV anyway to make the air less awkward for me. Thankfully, Giala stopped crying and looked up at the TV, now completely immersed into the pictures playing on the scene now. It freaked me out a little since it was like she had never cried. Either way I sighed in relief. Ok, that was defiantly weird...... I thought, looking at her green eyes glued to the screen. Wait. Was her eyes always green? I began to slouch back into my chair, dismissing the thought and paid attention to the random show playing. I guess they were.....
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