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Anime: Cheating Craft Status: Ongoing Genre: Action, School Life

Manga?: Yes, there is one but it is different, same title but a different plot and characters. I believe this anime was made from the idea of the manga but it's not the same. :)

Plot Summary: In a world where people are sorted since childhood depending on the results of their exams, only those who excel in education obtain happiness. Learning Types (those who prioritize study) and Cheating Types (those who prefer to climb the educational ladder by cheating) occasionally cooperate with each other, but there exists a great rivalry between them. The story follows C Type student Shokatsu Mumei and L Type student Ou Koui who struggle together to pass tests.

My Opinion: I think it is pretty funny where it tells us not to cheat but the anime is all about cheating. I love the art style and the action is pretty cool also. I have only watched 4 episodes but it's great so far. It is only about 12 minutes long so yeah.