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Starting today, I'd like to propose a creative challenge for the Vingle Family!

Each day I'll post a small question/prompt related to the holiday season.

From how they'd react to first snow to what kind of gift they'd get you - Let's try to imagine a perfect holiday with our biases!!! (and this can totally be just-friend biases haha these prompts don't have to be romantic!)

On the first day of bias-mas:

What are you going to get your bias for the holidays?!

Do they want a homemade gift? Will you get them a prank gift? Will you just settle with a gift card ;) ?

My answer:

Hakyeon is horrible to buy presents for. He loves buying gifts for others, but what does he want for himself?!?!
I finally decided: I made him a SUPER cheesy photo album of everything lovely that happened this year. From VIXX awards, his niece being born, his trip to Hong Kong - all the great memories of 2016!
Of course, I left a page blank for our holiday memories :)

So what will you get your bias for Christmas?!

Leave your answer (and your bias) in the comments or make your own card^^

im gonna give my boi taehyung a chypher cd
I would get Kyungsoo a bouquet of toy hammers because we all know he loves those and a stuffed penguin just to remind him how squishy he is
Hahaha this sounds amazing~ 😊 Hyungwon - I'll treat him to some amazing food, let him sleep in, and prepare a scavenger hunt for him. Each location stop will have a funny prank present and the last real present will be a small scrap book full of memories + thought descriptions/song quotes on each page.
omg whaaat that sounds amazing!!!
Well, I'm giving my bias, TOP, a long sleeve turtle neck to make sure he's well covered 😂.
I'm giving my bias bubble wrap so he won't break anything as much (I'm talking about you namjoon) or a gift card to anything he wants
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