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Welcome to the 12 Days of Bias-Mas!

Starting today, I'd like to propose a creative challenge for the Vingle Family!

Each day I'll post a small question/prompt related to the holiday season.

From how they'd react to first snow to what kind of gift they'd get you - Let's try to imagine a perfect holiday with our biases!!! (and this can totally be just-friend biases haha these prompts don't have to be romantic!)

On the first day of bias-mas:

What are you going to get your bias for the holidays?!

Do they want a homemade gift? Will you get them a prank gift? Will you just settle with a gift card ;) ?

My answer:

Hakyeon is horrible to buy presents for. He loves buying gifts for others, but what does he want for himself?!?!
I finally decided: I made him a SUPER cheesy photo album of everything lovely that happened this year. From VIXX awards, his niece being born, his trip to Hong Kong - all the great memories of 2016!
Of course, I left a page blank for our holiday memories :)

So what will you get your bias for Christmas?!

Leave your answer (and your bias) in the comments or make your own card^^

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I would give Daesung a painting of a sunset made by me. I'm aware that TOP might steal it from him. Daesung can then email me and I'd make him another one. I'll make all of BigBang art till the world ends. 馃挅馃挅馃挅
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I'll get Taehyung a cute stuffed toy of a cartoon me! He loves stuffed animals and toys so I'll make him happy by giving him a stuffed me!
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Oh gosh I have so many biases this is hard xD well for hyungwon food and a nice pillow where he can sleep as comfortable as he wants for wonho I'd get him ramyun!! just because he seems to love it N I'd get him books because he loves to read I'd get Leo a cat ^_^ Mark and Jackson I'd just buy them food. those two seem to always be eating and recording food xD Suga I'd get him a piano although he probably already has many id get him another one. jaejoong I would just spend the day with him
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I would buy my UB a fan with a sad face on it. so when he sees people crying, and he starts laughing, he can hide his face behind the sad fan. perfect gift for Lee Taemin. Hell, I need one of those too.
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I think I would give the same kind of gift to each of my biases- something that I've made for them or just spend time with them if they have a little extra time. They wouldn't even have to talk to me if they didn't feel like it, just being somewhere in close to the same area would be fine with me. If they wanted to talk about anything I would try to be as open as I possibly can and see if there's anything I know that I could say that might help them; and if they just didn't feel like talking to me I would accept that and not force them into anything. That is, if I didn't freak out and/or scare them away first...
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