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Finals weekend is going well so far. I had the craziest/most fun night of my life on Friday night which really put me in a good place to settle down and hit the books. I go home on Thursday and I am dreading it- let's just say being home over Thanksgiving was less than enjoyable. I love it here at school though and I am so excited to return. My roommate will be gone for the entire month of Janurary though so that will suck. I love her and I will be missing her. On that note, she is transferring next year so this next semester will be my last with her which really sucks. Like a lot. If you've read my earlier cards you know that I have this great track record with losing friends due to distance, not because of fights and stuff like that, so this was a low blow. I want her to be happy though, and if that isn't here, I hope she finds it where she is going next. Cross your fingers that I do well on my tests tomorrow! Also cross your fingers that Eddie cleans his fish tank this week because it's getting gross and I've been trying to get him to clean it for weeks. Happy studying for now.