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Welcome to the second day of Bias-Mas!

Check out day one here!

Today's prompt is about what your bias is getting YOU for the holidays!

Will they drop a ton of money on your gift? Forget to give you one? Hand-knit you matching sweaters?!

My answer:

Hakyeon loves buying gifts for people all the time. If he sees something and thinks of a certain someone, he will buy it for no real reason any time of year.
For the holidays though, he got me a camera!!!
He knows how much I love taking pictures, so he got me the camera I wanted with a promise to go on weekend adventures whenever we can to play with it^^

What did your bias get YOU for Christmas?!

Being with Key is more than enough for my xmas present. But if he drew a picture for me that would be awesome
he would get me a bts album cause im broke af
my bias... *clears throat* me him for Christmas πŸ’•πŸ’• Honestly just being able to spend time with him at all is more than I could ever ask for .... so just being with him would be the greatest Christmas present for me❀
(-_-) I have a feeling Daesung would get me a gym membership. I am comfortably plump, but he is super fit. Would I go to the gym if Daesung went with me? YES!!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–
My bias, TOP, would get me a Leica because I also love taking pictures but can't afford to buy this one yet πŸ˜†.
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