Duck lip Hyuntae lol HighTop0319
An old selca that Jungkyun posted from last year. Leader always looks so good in glasses unfinishedjk _12
This first pic he's lookin like another idol or... maybe it's just me... idk lol (I just had to be that person noticing the Heineken logo bottom right corner and bottles by his head lol) BIGFLO.yuseong (He changed his IG name)
Tryna show how cute you look waking up Zuk oppa? lol realxxzxuk
And Kichun. This boi is wrecking my list kc_kichun
And also, I guess, good news. The Tumblr blog that did translations for their IG posts is finally back. It's been a while since they've posted any updates so I most likely will have eng trans for almost all posts. Yaayyyyyyyy

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that's awesome news about tumblr.
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It has its hilarious moments for sure. I'm almost done watching it. Esp with Key in it it's more funny lol