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Hey everyone!!!!! Happy Sunday folks!!!!!! Kim here getting snowed in. (Can I get some AOMG snow bunnies?????) Any hoo, here's chapter 3!!!!
You get back to the place where you were staying at and immediately started to pack up all of your belongings. In the midst of hastily throwing clothes in your suitcase, you hear a knock on the door. You wipe your eyes and looked through the peep hole. On the other side was your ex.

How the hell did he know I was staying here? Did his band mate tell him where I was staying, or did he follow me back here. Come to think of it, I did see headlight been behind me when I was driving.

You immediately shook those thoughts out your head and turned the deadbolt lock on. "Why are you here?" "Please open the door, sweetie and let me explain", Jay yelled. "What's there to explain?? There is nothing to explain," you yell back. "Baby, I know what you saw wasn't what you wanted to see and I'm sorry. Please let me in!!" You zipped up your suitcase and placed it on the floor. You walked towards the door and opened it up. There you saw your ex Jay, red eyed and reeked of alcohol and perfume. He then walked over to you to give you a hug and kiss, but you took a step back.

This was not the man that you loved for the last five years. To you, this man was a stranger to you. Your heart tugged as you notice the state that he was in. You knew that you had to stand your ground and not give in. When you stepped back, his face dropped and he knew that there was no way of getting you back. "Why" he asked. You drew a shaky breath, willing yourself not to cry again.

"We've been together for five years and we known each other longer than that. You should be asking yourself when did you fell out of love with me. I'd loved you through thick and thin. I loved you when you came out here for your career. I loved you when things were starting to get bad for us. I was willing to fight for what we had. But you threw it away when you and whoever that chick was just for one night, or were there more?" you asked. He could only hang his head down. Tears stung your eyes as you willed yourself not to cry, but one lone tear came out of your left eye and you knew that you were done. You picked up your suitcase and walked out the room without looking back. Just like the autumn leaves on the ground, your love for him was dead.
Alright my lovelies!!!!!! Things are getting a little crazy am I right??? See you all next time!!!!
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