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Sorry for making this card so late but hey its here. I've been weirdly busy so I haven't had time to do anything. But I'm promise @MonAnnahiX I was going to upload this so here it is. Enjoy some Minhyuk Fun Facts!!!
His favorite food is pizza and he loves drinking soft drinks, especially Coca Cola.
One of his favorite treats are 고구마(sweet potato)
He has a cheerful personality that he is always the one who cheers up everyone. that's why he's my bias :')
He is such a good joker that he can make everyone smile with just one quirk.
He thinks that the most attractive part of him is his lips.
He would love to learn how to play the acoustic guitar so that he can sing along with it.
He is very confident in singing. and he should be, his voice is amazingggg
His ideal type of woman is a chubby one and has the opposite personality of him.
Minhyuk! Just looking at his face makes you smile 😌💙
He's a cutie! :D
he makes my heart flutter omg he's so precious and gorgeous
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