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Took me a while to get into the mood to write today, but after looking at things to do in Tokyo Omo did I get inspiration. I found two places that Keri would love when going there and of course cheesy cheesy Yoongi.
Keri's view*** One of the first places after the hotel yoongi took me to was a coffee shop that did drip coffee. Funny, I love coffee, I love drinking it and the smell, I have never had nor seen someone actually make coffee by hand like this. It was like a show. I sat at the bar where I could watch the man make the coffee, Yoongi atoos behind me with his arms wrapped around my shoulders and resting his head on my own. "Is my little coffee addict enjoying watching coffee being made?" He asked. "I've never seen this" I told him I was watching as the man poured coffee grounds into a container above a cup and mixing several different kinds together. "I thought you would have before" yoongi said "No, I normally just go to places that have machines make the coffee" I told him. The man was now pouring the hot water onto the coffee grounds. "Have you seen this before?" I asked him. "No this is a first for me too" he said. "It looks so elegant the way he's doing it" I said even as the smell wafted to me and I could smell it now. It was such a rich smell, oh I loved it. I let out a little sigh. "I hope your admiring the coffee baby" yoongi said. "Oh I definitely am" I sighed. The man in front of us shifted his eyes to look at me and grinned. I couldn't help let out a little giggle. Yoongis arms tightened around me slightly. The man in front of us moved the coffee ground container off and then the cup of coffee. "It smells so heavenly" I said as the man topped it off putting cream into it and then putting sugar. He slid the cup in front of me and the started assembling for another cup of coffee. My hands wrapped around the warm cup. I blew on the warm liquid as Yoongi moved so I could move at last. "Try it" I told him. "You should have the first cup" yoongi said taking a seat next to me. "If you insist" I chuckled bringing the cup closer to me. It made him chuckle as well. "Don't need much prompting there" he commented. "Ah coffee" I said taking the first sip. It was so good, bolder, more flavor. It was better then any coffee I had ever had before. "Think this was a bad idea" I mumbled. It caught the attention of the man pouring hot water and Yoongi. "Is it not good?" Yoongi asked. "No, I don't know how I'll ever go back to any other kind of coffee" I stated which resulted in the man grinning and giving a little chuckle. "Heh. I'm sure we'll be having to find a place like this back home" yoongi said. "Definitely will have to" I sighed. "Are you two not from around here?" The man asked in Korean instead of Japanese. I looked at him. "No, from Seoul. We came for a vacation" I said to him. "Ah, no wonder you two look like love birds. Honey moon?" The man asked. I knew a blush tinted my cheeks. "No not a honey moon, just a regular vacation" I said. "You two enjoying yourselves so far?" He asked. "Hmm so far. This was one of our first places we came" I told him. "Great way to start your visit. Our shop is well known to serve the best coffee" the man said "I know, I looked this place up online for my girl. She loves coffee and this place had the best reviews" yoongi stated. "You looked this place up didn't you?" I asked turning to look at Yoongi. "I know you love coffee. One of the first things we bonded over" he said. "I thought that was you spilling your coffee" I question "And you buying me a new cup of coffee" he reminded me. "Hmm yes I did. Then you spoke to Mel the entire time after that" I added. "She kept talking to me" he pointed out. "Which gave you a chance to buy me a coffee" he added. "So you two fell in love over coffee?" The man interrupted us. Oh yes I started talking to him, when yoongi started talking I kind of lost track. "Kind of. We saw each other several times after that and had a rough beginning because my friend wanted him" I told him. "Oh, how did you resolve that?" He asked intreged.  He was done making Yoongi a cup of coffee and placed it in front of him the started making another cup after looking at a slip of paper. "Well, she was drunk when I told her then after that caused him mayhem So I had to have a talk with her, now she's getting married in a month and I'm her maid of honor" I told him. The man stared at me the burst out laughing. "Yes that would be the normal reaction hearing that version" yoongi said. "You completely just butchered our love story with Mel's story" yoongi sighed. "Oh yea? And what is our love story?" I asked smuggly. Wait love story? Did we even have one of those? Had he even told me, ah yes he has told me he loves me and I him. Hmm I guess we could have a love story. "Let's here it" the man said. "Well I walked into a coffee shop and caught her eye so I sat next to her table and when I spilled my coffee she made it up by handing me a new cup of coffee and a pen and pencil so I could re-write what I had written down. After that our budding relationship started as we met at the coffee shop" yoongi said. When he was finished I knew I should be touched and awe but the face he had on was one to tell me he was doing this for dramatic effect. "That's a beautiful story" the man commented just as I burst out laughing. "I can't believe you. Are you the one writing a romance novel now?" I asked smiling at him even as I laughed. "That's your job baby" yoongi laughed. "What you didn't like my story? Too cheesy?" He questioned. "Way cheesy" I said. "So your a writer? Is that what this is for?" The man asked. "It sounds like it would be a good plot for a romance novel" he added. "Hmm, you two may be my inspiration for my next book" I said. The three of us talked as me and Yoongi drank our coffee and when we were done we enjoyed a night on the town, walking around, stopping and getting food at truck vendors and yoongi even bought me a headband with cat ears from a lady selling off a table on the sidewalk. The first day in Tokyo was amazing. It was a day of leisure and doing random things with no plan. When it got darker out we realized, like Seoul, Tokyo was not a place that rested at night. There was lots of places still open. We past several more clothing stores and markets when I noticed a book store. I stopped Yoongi so we could go in. It was an amazing place!!! There was bookshelf in rows, a couple tables where students were studying and Against the walls were books. What made my jaw drop was built into the bookshelves were little cubbies where someone could sit or lay down and read. "This is out of my dreams" I stated. "Your dreams is to be in a bookstore?" Yoongi chuckled. "Yes. Oh and there's even a coffee bar over there! Oh I wish I could stay here for days on end. Yoongi come on, please, explore with me" my eyes were wide as I turned to him and tugged at his arm. "Okay okay. Lead the way" he chuckled letting me drag him farther into the place. After I while we both picked up books and took a spot in a cubbie to read a little. we made room to to fit into a cubbie together, yoongi wrapped his arm over me and I snuggled into him and opened the book. "what did you pick out?" yoongi whispered into my ear. "hmm I found one of my favorite author for horror" I told him. "horror?" he questioned. "yup, this is about a group of people going into a haunted school where there is a killer. he picked them off one by one" I explained. "and that has me interested" he said. So yoongi read over my shoulder.
This is like a dream. lol I love the bookshop and coffee place. is it funny that I am so jealous of this. I wanna go to those shops too. lol
sooo cool! I would be frozen in time! my nicname is "coffeeBean" thanks to the amount of coffee I drink.. (I state as my little sis walks in with another cup for me) and books! omgosh! I would be in heaven... once i start a book I like I wont put it down till it's done... Lol I would have to go exploring before discovering this place... cause I wont leave!!! lol
I would never leave that bookstore. lol
This chapter was adorable. Also I seriously am jealous of Keri right now, I've always wanted to try drip coffee and that book store omo it would feel like I died and went to heaven and it also has a coffee shop inside! Even better, I'd never want to leave.
lol yey! its like a heaven to go to both places. the bookstore is a highlight! 💜💜💜 I've had drip coffee before, its a lot stronger and has more of a bold flavor. least the ones I've had.
I'd never leave that bookstore 😂💙 Yoongi and Keri are couple goals 🙌🏻
lol couple goals! 😜 love it! and gonna take a lot to pry people out of that bookstore 😁
I'd move in to the bookstore.
lol it shall be your new home away from home 😊
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