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@daniselane773 since i haven't watched it yet only 1st ep i will try my best 2 accept dis chemistry bcs i do wanna accept it i will watch dis after i finish watching the ones i am watching now its just a bit awkward lols but i will try bcs i heard soooo much abt dis show :)
lol oppa just have a really cute baby face @daniselane773 i tottay get ur point and i am the one who acually argue over dis point w my bros but no offense but the age diff here is more then 10 12 hehe oppa almost looks like her son lols i just d k what 2 say hehe but i really do wanna watch the bcs of my lee oppa and she is really pretty i wanna accept it but its hard lols but i will try 2 watch it bcs i love lee jong suk oppa soooo much :)<3 <3
I loved this drama too! Lee Jong Suk's character was so endearing :) Love conquers all ...the chemistry between the two was remarkable. I personally didn't have a problem with the age difference. Society accepts older men with younger women...just not older women with younger men.
lol seeing them tgthr like dis is 2 awkward she is just 2 old 4 my oppa i really hope i can get used 2 thr chemistry lol i will just look at this gif like they r brother and sister lol
This drama one on my Favorites!!!