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Oh wow finally hi there lol. It has been a while~
This fan fiction will have some boy x boy stuff. If you're.. not into that sorta thing, you shouldn't read it. I probably should've added this sooner, but i'll add it to the first chapter now. If i tagged you and you didn't want to be tagged, please let me know. If you want to be tagged, then let me know as well.
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Part: Chapter 10
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Warning: Strong language.
Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin
Arlene's P.O.V:
"Sorry I didn't bring Vodka this time," I joked as Namjoon opened the door for me. He smiled instantly, probably glad that i wasn't mad at him anymore. He reached over to pull me into the room by my shirt playfully, and i laughed with him. Stumbling inside as a joke, i handed him my black book of songs that I've written over the years.
"Sorry i'm late. I texted Jiminie that i was coming an hour ago, but something came up. Here," I spoke in English. He took the book and raised a brow questioningly before opening it. Instantly, he realized what it was. "I've written music since i was sixteen. There are dates at the top of the page. One date is the day i started it, and the second date is the day i finished the song."
He gave me a nod, reading through the pages as he walked to the couch, plopping down on it.I stayed standing, curiously watching him and waiting for his opinion. Honestly, it was a little intimidating even though he was in adorable Ryan pajamas.
Even before i moved to Korea, i knew about his past. At least the past he made public. He's been writing and rapping for so long, definitely longer than me, so i was worried what i wrote would be like chicken scratch compared to him.
He flipped a few pages, stopping to read one or two every so often. A few smiles popped up, some nods of what i could only hope to be approval, and he even tapped his foot to a rhythm that wasn't there.
"So," he started in English, patting the couch next to him. He didn't take his eyes off the book and continued flipping the pages as i took a seat next to him. He was getting to the songs i started to write in Korean. "The first few i can tell you just started writing. I get how it is though. You just start writing your thoughts at first, and fix what you need to be fixed."
He pointed to a few eraser marks from a song i wrote in 2014 and compared them to the many ones i made in 2012. "You change your mind more about older songs than new ones. That's good. It means you got better at it. I really like.... ah! This one," he smiled, flipping to one titled "Speak Louder."
"I wrote that last year, a month after i moved here," I nodded, noting the date was March 20th 2015. I finished the song on the same day. "It's about when i was too scared to speak up to people here. I would always go on interviews and they'd continuously ask me to speak louder and with more confidence but i couldn't. I was afraid i'd say "this" Korean word instead of "this" Korean word and make a fool of myself. I took a few shots after my thirteenth interview that week, opened that book for the first time since i'd moved here, and just wrote. I didn't erase anything or worry about flow, but instead, got drunk and wrote. I fixed it up in the morning though, and came up with what you see. I haven't touched it up since that day."
He nodded, looking at me curiously. "Did it help you? To, in fact, speak louder."
"Actually, yes. I went on another interview that night and ended up getting my first photography job from it." I smiled at him. He pointed to the song once again, and looked at me with a serious face.
"I want it." He said simply. My eyebrows drew together in confusion, and he nodded.
"You mean... you want it for an... album?" He nodded. My eyes widened in shock and i could feel a blush creeping onto my cheeks. I kept looking between him and the song nervously. It was such an honor and such a fucking shock at the same time i could barely form a sentence
"H-holy shit... really?" I nervously asked him in Spanish. When i get nervous, i tend to ramble in Spanish.
"Okay i can barely get by in English as it is, please don't bring another language to me," He laughed. I smiled and apologized.
"I'm sorry, it's a bad habit. When i was in Elementary and Middle school, i was bullied a lot and always wanted to say some fucked up shit to their faces, but since i knew i'd probably get punched in the face, i used words they wouldn't understand. So now, every time i get nervous or mad, i instinctively say things in Spanish. I'll try not to-"
"Wait... you're not mad that i want the song right?" He asked looking apologetic. "I'm s-"
"No! No no no no, not at all!" I stopped him before he could finish apologizing. "I was nervous. Both you and Yoongi-yah are such good writers... i just felt honored and seriously shocked." I smiled. "It's yours. Take good care of it."
"I will," he smiled back at me. He thanked me and handed the book to me. I ripped the page out by the line, leaving a piece of it still attached to it so i could keep part of the memory. I handed him the page happily and he thanked me once again, before ruffling my hair.
"I'll go get Yoongi-yah and Jiminie for you." I nodded.
I sighed contently, flipping through the most recent songs i had and reading them over while i waited. Some were written in English, some in Korean, and some were translated in both languages. I honestly couldn't help but feel excited, knowing that just one of the songs i wrote would be put out for the world to hear. I'm sure Namjoon would tweak it to be more like him, but the general idea and concept would still be there. That alone made me feel happy. Maybe some other songs would be taken by him as well since he didn't even finish reading through them all. Or one of the others might see one they like.
I looked over the most recent of the songs, written one week ago. The date November 10th 2016 was written neatly next to the title "Inhale. Exhale." Reading over the lyrics, i was genuinely happy with this song. It didn't need any touch ups or any words removed. It was perfect. I wanted at least one of them to take it and make it their own.
"So when do you officially start," a voice spoke from behind me. I looked up toward the ceiling to see Jiminie smiling above me. I smiled and pat the seat next to me, which he happily walked around to take.
"I start February 1st of next year."
"So faaaaaar," Yoongi whined from the steps, lazily coming to sit between Jiminie and i. I laughed a little and scooted over more for him.
"That day is so far away... but so is this fucking couch from the stairs," He sighed, leaning his head against the back of the couch and closing his eyes.
"If you guys are tired i honestly can go, it's not a prob-"
"Nooooooope. You're not going anywhere," Jiminie stated matter-of-factly. Yoongi stayed quiet, but nodded as well.
I chose to not say anything back, knowing how stuborn Jiminie was. Even just through texting him i knew how he was.
"Oh! I brought my song book-"
"Really?" Jiminie asked with a smile on his face. I happily handed it to him. "Finally! You've talked so much about this fucking thing, and i get to read it now!"
Yoongi reached over to him with his eyes still closed, and flicked his forehead. "Language," he said simply.
Jiminie rolled his eyes. "I don't know why you pick on me only when you feel like it. I curse all the time, but whenever you're bored you scold me for it." Yoongi shrugged.
"Once you're finished reading it, i want to have a look." Yoongi yawned, moving to lay his head on my lap. As if by instinct, i brushed my fingers through his hair.
Every so often, Jiminie would giggle in excitement, stare in what looked like shock, and scream a little in excitement. It looked more like he was reading a romantic comedy book than one filled with songs.
"Jiminie are you having a seizure or something? Seriously i can here you from my room," J-Hope laughed.
"Oh hello Arlene-Yah!" he smiled. I gave him a cute smile, and he gave me one back before walking behind Jiminie. He read along with him while pointing some stuff out and nodding. Honestly why don't they just tell me what they fucking think! I hate guessing!
"Can i read now? Or are you two not done freaking out? You need another minute? Maybe a water bottle to quench your thirst? No? yes?" Yoongi poked fun at them. I would've smiled or even laugh had it not been for the fact that the vibrations from his words against my upper thigh tickled me in places.
"Aishh, if you were reading half these songs you'd be acting the same way!" Jiminie bit at him. I smiled as Yoongi got up to most likely scold him before J-Hope took my book and turned it to face Yoongi.
"Just read this one. It's recent. Read it and tell me we're over reacting." J-Hope smiled at me and i looked over Yoongi's shoulder to see the song. It was "Inhale. Exhale." I raised an eyebrow, genuenly curious at how he'd respond to it. I felt so many butterflies in my stomach as he leaned back and started to read. His face was legitimately emotionless and it scared me.
He was like that for about two minutes before he huffed and smiled. He reached over to put the book on my lap and covered his face with his hands. Instantly, i felt worried. Was it that bad? Honestly it was the best one I've written. I genuenly didn't think there was any room for improvement. Was i that wrong?
Jiminie and J-Hope both held their hands up, telling me to wait. I nodded, still really worried and just sat back fiddling with my fingers.
Yoongi finally let out a sigh before moving his hands from his face. I instantly shifted in my seat, waiting for him to respond but he just looked forward. His face was a little puffier and tinted red. Wait... was he crying?
"Oh come on... It couldn't have been that bad Yoongi-Yah.." I looked down in my lap, feeling completely destroyed. Maybe it'd just be better if i went home for the night. i felt the back of my eyes start to sting, but i didn't want to cry. Not everyone was going to like my music, and i knew that. I was lucky enough to have even the smallest wall built up in case of criticism.
I reached over to close my book and head home, but Yoongi's words stopped me in my tracks.
"I want that song. It's not a rap, but i want that fucking song," he chuckled, wiping the tears from his eyes. "I literally never cry and it's pissing me off that your song made me. I hide my emotions very well, but for some reason that damned song actually got to me. Did you really write it?"
I couldn't think straight. All i could do was blink back the tears that threatened to escape my eyes as i stared at him. Jiminie and J-hope looked like a couple of kids witnessing a couple kiss on the street.
I nodded at his question and he seemed happy at that. I smiled widely, happy that he didn't hate my song.
"I honestly thought you hated it so much it made you cry," I laughed. They all laughed in response, but it was J-Hope who spoke up.
"Yoongi-hyung would never cry if he hates something. If he feels negatively toward something, he'll either say it straight up, show no emotion on his face, or get really angry and start throwing things-"
"Jesus don't mention throwing things," Jiminie pouted. "I still remember when he broke my phone during out trainee days just because he was pissed and had nothing else to throw-"
"Yah, just be lucky i didn't throw you-"
"But you did try! You were just to frail to even lift my hand," They all laughed.
I smiled and watched them, seeing just how close they were. Sure Jiminie's told me many times how close they are and how small things and arguments don't mean anything anymore, but actually seeing it was something else.