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Alright if you missed the last chapter click here ..... now this chapter is...well I hope you like it... part 1
"Sarah?" Jenni asked looking at her friend "You leave me you are dead to me!" Sarah said trying to remain calm with what was about to happen. "Oh sorry Kookie I can't leave." "Sarah What's wrong?" Kookie said closing the distance between the two as Jenni stood in the corner. "Um....I just had an issue...." She looked down at her hands and started fidgeting with her fingers. "What kind of issue?" He asked setting the tiger in her lap. She slightly smiled and started petting it. "Sarah just tell him." Jenni said making Sarah look at her. "Ok Jen Jen you can leave the room. You won't be dead to me I promise." "Ok good because I was about to run out because this isn't something I should be apart of." Jenni said and ran out of the room. "Well then." Sarah giggled. "Babe, what's going on?" Kookie asked and placed his hand on her cheek. "Please don't freak out when I tell you." tears were brimming in her eyes. "I'll try not to." With that she took a deep breath. "I was pregnant." "What? When did you find out?" "Um...I officially knew when Jenni told me she was moving in with Namjoon." "So...." He was thinking back and the look on his face when he realized the moment. "Why didn't you tell me you really were?" He asked "Don't you remember your reaction to my question that day? After that I couldn't tell you. I....I wasn't going to tell you at all...." "What you were thinking of an abortion?" He jumped to that quick. "No! although Jenni and I did joke about it. I was more of going to break it off and go into hiding somewhat." "That's crazy!" "I didn't want to mess with your Career, hell you are just 20 I'm not about to be the reason you end..." She couldn't finish her sentence she was crying. "Sarah I don't care if you think it would be better that way, I would be freaked...heck I mean I am right now. Youre pregnant and we are having a baby." He smiled and held her face. "Kookie...." "No wait... I know I reacted the way I did because it's a shock but if it's with you I'm happy." He smiled and quickly kissed her lips. she started bawling as he pulled away. She pushed her face into the giant tiger that was still on her lap. "I'm so sorry." She said muffled by the tiger. "What?" He asked pulling the tiger away a bit. "I lost the baby!" She cried and that's when it hit him, that's why she was in the hospital. He didn't say anything but tired to pull the tiger away from her. she was strong but he finally pulled it away and hugged her. "I'm so sorry." He said holding onto her tight. She continued to sob and cling to him until there was a knock at the door. They pulled apart and Kookie held her hand as the nurse came in and gave Sarah her discharge papers. After a few minutes the two walked out of the room. Kookie had is arm around her as she held onto the tiger. When they turned the corner Sarah was in shock. Everyone was there. "Kookie." She whispered. "I'm sorry they were worried too." "Sarah are you ok! Jenni wouldn't tell us anything!" Tae said stopping in front of her. "She told us we had to wait till you told us." Jimin added. "Guys I'll tell you later but right now I wanna take her home." Kookie said "Are you ok?" Jin asked her. "I will be. I'm sorry you all came out here." She said quietly. "Ok let's go guys." Namjoon said trying to push the guys away from Sarah and Kookie. "Sarah do you want me to come home too?" Jenni asked "You can if you want, I'm just going to probably go to sleep when I get home so you can spend time with Namjoon ok?" Sarah said "Ok....Kookie please take good care of her." Jenni said looking at Kookie. "I will." He said and the two walked out of the hospital. "I hope he makes her feel better." Jenni said watching her friend walk out of the hospital. "So are you going to tell me what happened or do I have to wait till Kookie tells us?" Namjoon asked "I'll tell you, but Kookie needs to tell the rest it can not come from either of us." Jenni said and Namjoon nodded.
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Kookie will have to be the one to tell the guys, IF he decides to tell them at all. This may be something that he talks to Joonie about only, since he will know that Joonie knows also. This should also get Kookie thinking more about what his goals are and if he wants an family and when. Sarah also, once she starts to really process what has happened.
omgosh so emotional!!!! and Jenni stayed for like a minute, sigh that was enough lol. Thanks for not letting her tell the guys that would have been bad. oh poor kooki!!!! Finding out one minute She's pregnant and the next she's not that is so hard. the feels 😭😢
Ok but why does that 3rd pic look like Kookie is poisoning Namjoon so he can become the new leader?
Haha Cuz he probably is lol jkjk
ahh he feels kekeke but I'm giggling as I type this....well only good can come from this right lol