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As I was going through pictures finding a certain picture of a bookstore along the way I found a bunch of unique bookshops that are awe inspiring! Take a look! These places are around the world and Omo if I ever travel to these places I'm definitely going to have to visit book stores!
A bookstore that has built in beds so you can read at your leisure. This is epic! located in Japan!
An outdoor Bookstore where you can enjoy being outside, sit and relax or pick out a book and go. oh just hope it doesn't rain! But I'm sure they cover up the area for people and for the books!
The columns in this bookstore bring out a new characteristic to this bookstore located in the Netherlands!
Rainbow! Rainbow! Omo for your inner child lol. This looks so fun to be in! (Not sure where this is located)
And the most unique one I saw! located in Venice! Such a crowded bookshop but oh that view so close to the water! And the boat in the shop, there is so much character in this bookshop how can you resist the charm!
brb going to live in japan bookstore
Nope, I'd just make myself at home at the one in Japan.....
I like the one in Japan the best
These are awesome I want to go to them all especially the Venice one!
Venice bookstore is So beautiful looking! and those books ooo lol