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Bury Me in Thai Rolled Ice Cream

If you didn't already know, black sesame flavored anything is my life.

So when I saw that there was black sesame thai rolled ice cream in my hometown I jumped in the car and ordered one for myself!

This style of ice cream is super trendy and I had it once over summer in New York City. ITS SO GOOD.

Its super deceptive because you think you're getting less ice cream but you're very very wrong.

You get so much more ice cream and its SO creamy and delicious and UGH JUST GO GET SOME IF YOU CAN.

I got mine at Bing Haus in San Diego^^

Have you had this style ice cream before?!

That looks so good.
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Not black sesame, but we have a shop here that makes the Asian rolled ice cream. I've had a mango with strawberry and something else. It was a lot of ice cream.
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you should really try black sesame if you havent but mango sounds delicious!
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Aye I'm 'bout to drive out there because I've been wanting to get some, but they don't have any in Long Beach. Besides black sesame seeds, any other recommendations?
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i've had thai tea and black sesame but everything should be tasty^^ my dad got cookies and cream and it looked amazing!
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