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my oppas older brother is n't he cute <3 <3 no matter how i think about it brothers are brothers they always look after each other watch out for each other sometimes they r closer then friends i have 2 twin brothers so i know how it is lols i look at them all the time. oppa are u looking after ur brother watching out for him i really wanna c more of their pics tgthr i love them both oppa shd have more family time hehe i want oppa 2 spend some time w his family and younger brother oppa don't miss out on him. i wonder what oppa 's younger bro is doing he is cute.
@stephiikins hehe ;) <3
@saharjalpari9 you're right!!!!
@ stephiikins hehe i know what u mean but they look more like twins oppa's brother look younger then oppa hehe 2 me lol ;) he is cute my oppa has a mature yet cute face ;) <3 lols
lol that's funny... but wouldn't it be the other way around? isn't his brother older than him?
@stephiikins i knw naa khj oppa brother is really cute adorable and handsome i wonder what he is doing i wanna c more of their pics tgthr love them both oppa khj please spend sm more time w ur bro he is almost like oppa 's mirror image oppa twin and oppa shadow shoo cute <3 <3
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