The After-party last night was incredible! Veronica Taylor and Renee Witterstaeter chatted with me at the Celebrity Cocktail Hour at the Westin, and then met up with us again for drinks and a snack at the Wee Pub (above photo). I didn't get a chance to take a pic with the sweet guy that bought us a round of drinks, but he's a retired cop in the town next to mine, so I might bump into him again.
Adam Force and Ming Chen are always great to hang out with! I met both of them last year. Adam is one of the founders of Jekyllcon, and you might know Ming from Comic Book Men. I wish I could have stayed out later, they're so much fun to be around!
This group here spent about an hour or so sharing fun stories about Jackie Chan and other adventures they had. And they wanted to hear my stories from my new job at the prison and from life...which one again surprised me. Every moment was amazing and surreal. Quinton Flynn, Ken Scott, Veronica Taylor, and Renee Witterstaeter To be continued...