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So I know that the SHINee community isn't participating, but if this doesn't count then oh well, I wanted to write this anyway
“Are you sure that they’ll like me?” I asked Kibum, playing with the ring on my finger as I anxiously held the presents I brought for his group members.
“Don’t worry, they will.” He laughed. “But I don’t know why you got them presents. Are you trying to butter them up?” He pointed at the 4 little boxes in my hands.
“I had to do something. I can’t exactly talk to them.” I said, making him laugh harder.
“I’ll translate for you. And you’ve learned a bit since we’ve been together.”
“That’s only from what you accidentally text me because you forget to switch to English.” I glared at him, getting nervous as he pulled up to the venue of our wedding rehearsal. Kibum and I were getting married and this would be the first time I met his members. You’d think that would be fine, but I didn’t speak Korean fluently.
“Well, you need to start learning somehow.” He teased, wrapping his arm around my waist as we walked up to the door. “You ready?” He asked. I could already hear men yelling excitedly in Korean from inside.
“As ready as I’ll ever be..” I said, adjusting my coat. He smiled wide at me, the lights set up along the awing of the roof, making him look as beautiful as ever.
“Here we go.” He said, opening the door to reveal the gorgeous venue with 4 men sitting not too far away from the door and one short haired woman, all laughing uproariously. They stopped once the door opened and as soon as we walked in, Kibum using the arm around my waist to keep me from hiding behind him, stood up and yelled greetings at him. He greeted them back as they all walked over to us.
“Hello.” I greeted in Korean as he gently nudged me.
“Wow, so pretty.” The shortest one said in English.
“That’s Jonghyun. This is Minho, Jinki, Taemin, and she’s Amber.” Kibum pointed to everyone. I looked down at the gifts in my hand and looked at Kibum.
“You didn’t tell me that she was going to come. I didn’t buy her anything.”
“It’s alright, you didn’t need to get me anything.” She laughed, walking over. “It’s your wedding afterall.”
“She’s from America.” Kibum laughed at my shocked expression when she spoke English.
“I’m here to make sure that he doesn’t tease you too much.” She laughed. Jonghyun then said something in Korean, but all I picked up on was ‘present’.
“Oh, here.” I said, giving the presents to each one of the men.
“Oh, thank you.” Taemin said.
“Merry Christmas.” I said, shyly looking away. Secretly looking for a place to hide to be honest.
Each of the presents were handmade bracelets with their names woven into them. Admittedly, I didn’t know whether or not they would like them. I just felt like I needed to give them something. I tried subtly asking Kibum what I should get them, but I couldn’t get an answer out of him before he threatened to tell them. I looked online at what I should get them, but all that came up was large things like video game consoles or furniture. My grandmother taught me how to make bracelets so I thought I would put that skill to good use.
“Wah! Daebak!” Jinki yelled once he opened the box, surprising me and making me jump.
“Whoa that’s really cool. Did you make those?” Amber asked, looking at Minho’s. Blush crept up on my cheeks and I just wanted to crawl into my coat and never come out, but I settled for burying my face further in my scarf.
“Uh, yeah.” I muttered, glancing at Kibum who had a huge smile on his face.
Eventually we got done with the rehearsal and ended up at a restaurant with the rest of his members and Amber. The rehearsal was quite awkward as the only one I knew was Kibum, even though Amber seemed really nice and tried to make me more comfortable by talking to me while Kibum was talking with his friends. Even at the restaurant, Amber was still talking with me.
“Have you met his family yet?” She asked.
“We skyped them a couple times before he proposed, but I would most of the time make an excuse to leave the room. I just felt like they didn’t approve of him being with me. I mean we never saw each other very often with him always being busy here and me being busy in America. I mean, 90% of our dates were over skype. Then he visited for a month and first asked me to move in with him here, then once I arranged it with my boss that I could work from home from overseas, he proposed to me.”
“Aww that’s sweet.” Amber said, hitting Kibum in the arm who was currently laughing about something Minho said.
“How long have you two been together? He never told me.”
“Three years, I think.”
“You think?”
“Well, we never really made it official. He came to my town on vacation and I met him at the beach and we just sort of hit it off. Which is weird, because usually I never approached guys like I did with him. I’ve always been really shy.”
“So you didn’t know you were official until he proposed to you?”
“Basically.” I said, sipping my drink as Jonghyun called my name, making me look at him.
“Do you love Key?” He asked, making everyone burst out laughing, but making my face bright red.
“O-of course.”
“Oh!” He pointed at my face, laughing and saying something in Korean to Kibum, making Minho laugh uproariously. I looked down at my hands and played with my fingers, suddenly feeling left out and unwelcome. I cleared my throat quietly and stood up before muttering that I left something in the car and leaving. Kibum was too busy laughing to respond so I walked out and bit my lip as I looked at the ring on my finger and frowned. It should belong to someone in the same country as him, someone who can speak his language, not someone from the other side of the world. Against my will, hot tears fell down my face.
“You better not be having second thoughts.” Kibum’s voice suddenly said from behind me, making me jump. He wiped the tears away and kissed my forehead.
“I’m sorry. You should be marrying someone who speaks Korean.” I whispered as he pulled me in for a hug.
“So you’ll learn. I don’t know why you’re getting so upset. All he said was how cute you were.” He laughed, rubbing my back.
“Yeah. He was saying that you’re way too cute for me. Which is true. How about we just go home? I think this might be enough excitement for one day. Besides, I want some time with my fiancée before the wedding.” He said sweetly, kissing my forehead again.
“They won’t be offended?”
“Of course not. If they do, then I’ll beat them up.” He said in a cute tone.
“You beating someone up? Yeah right.” I laughed.
“Hey!” He laughed. “Come on, let’s say goodbye to them.” He rubbed my back before letting go. “We’ll see them again in two days where I’ll make them REALLY jealous.” We both laughed, locking hands and going back inside to bid them farewell before heading back to Kibum’s house which will soon be both of ours. As soon as we got there, he showed me the presents that he had wrapped under the tree which were admittedly, done very well. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was 2 minutes to midnight meaning it was almost Christmas. I finally got to spend Christmas with him and it was the last day before I became his wife. I can honestly say it was my favorite Christmas yet, no matter the language barrier.
Ahhhh so cute! I loved the idea of the language barrier as it was so interesting to see their interactions (aka what life would be like if we married our biases 😂😂😭😂). But i loved your story!! Amazing~ 😄😍😍💖💖💖
so sweet i loved it
Lovely, I enjoyed this. Thanks for posting it
Your story will be counted by the Kpop mods! :D
Ok! Thanks for letting me know!
I love it! And if we pick up on entry submissions for the fanfiction contests I will officially have SHINee participate again!
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noo i do but last contest we only had one entry, so i want to see if we have enough interest to participate ^^