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Congrats On the marriage Grace!!
That all black outfit really is everything. The MX/svt one was hilarious. Minho is precious. He's the biggest Shawol ever, and he's also the biggest fan of Shawols. T_T Why Taemin gotta be on the ForeverAlone one? 😭
i swear kpop fans should get a oscar for their memes
@soldsoultokpop I second that. seriously we're too talented and creative,lmao
The second one, is that actually Drake? The one with Taehyung making friends in the bathroom...I mean...maybe he can pee a trick shot, you know off the wall from the ceiling to the toilet in the stall....what did the guy wearing the Exo shirt do? Is Seventeen the hello kitty roller skates or is that Monsta-X, cause I could see opposite. I mean Monsta-X could be hello kitty look at Zico, he loves hello kitty and he's a badass along with the rest of Block B. Who are to two posing with Jackson? I've been wondering about this for awhile, did something happen with Kai and Krystal? I don't understand the next one or the Park Bom one. The Jung ilwoo is sad.