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This is by far the greatest chapter I've read this year!!!!! It was so informative and I can't wait until next week!!!!
Ok so he's the Lord and Eileen is the Queen.... could they be together? And he be Erza's dad... And I can't believe she's the reason for Dragon Slaying Magic!!
I loved these two panels!!
Could she have begone to turn into a dragon? Like Acnologia?!? What if she has a dragon form like he does?!? And what about Erza?! Could she be a dragon slayer too but somehow her powers were kept dormant?!? Link to Chapter:
I agree. Best chapter of the year award.
And, i dont understand how Erza's NOT a dragon slayer??!!! But, guess we'll find out next chapter.
thank you for making this card. I've been having issues reading this chapter on various sites so THANK YOU!!
You're welcome:) I always post them on Monday after reading the chapter just look out for them in case you have any more problems:) plus I always put the link to the chapter at the end of the card:)