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So my best friend and I had started watching Dream Knight in the middle of the semester, but her friend, whom I am going to call Jimin because they call each other Taehyung and Jimin, ended up telling her the end of the show. Well, when my friend finds out the end of shows, she refuses to watch the rest of them. So not only did I have to watch Scarlet Heart by myself, but I finished Dream Knight by myself too.
So let's start this off with this quote. "I love you. No matter who you are... where you are from..." So, if you haven't watched Dream Knight yet,(I'm sure most have. I'm just behind as usual 😂) when Inhyeong(I'm spelling her name the way Netflix did) said this in the show, I may or may not have started crying a bit. I get very emotional when watching dramas 😂 (you should have seen the amount of times I cried because of Scarlet Heart)
So even though they were technically the "bad" guys, they really weren't in my view now. You really gotta watch the whole show to understand what I mean by this. Like Jinyoung was on my list for the longest of times while watching this. (Bambam could never be on my list though...) I'm really trying to avoid giving spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched or finished the show.
If I didn't have issues before picking a bias, I really don't know who it is now 😂 this show made me fall in love with JB so so so much. Youngjae crawled his way into my heart even more now, as well. I'm sorry Jackson, but it's hard to be loyal, especially after I started shipping you with the pink haired girl.(I'm bad with names.)
For some reason, whenever I watch dramas with kpop groups in them, it makes me fall in love with the groups. That's why I'm in love Astro and Exo so much, because that's how I got introduced to them. Plus those boys are so talented 😍, just like got7☺️.
Ok, I'm done gushing about Dream Knight 😂 I just really wanted to say that it was a good show and that this shows how talented the boys are, which I mean, we all already knew that 😂☺️ @mbg3t igot7's @luna1171
If you haven't watched No Mercy, you should. It's the making of Monsta X and the competitions.
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Yes....I can't wait
i have watched this show few times and dont get tired 😂😂😂
People who spoil dramas for others deserve a special place in hell. LOL. Am I the only one who wants a sequel with Jackson and the pink haired girl? It's been so long since I've watched this that I can't remember her name either. Good job avoiding spoilers.
My babies 💙