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[ Taehyung's POV ] "What?? We're done??" I said in disbelief. "We're taking a break. We've been practicing for 5 hours straight!" Jin hyung said while catching his breath. "Looks like something good happened to you, huh? What is it?" Jimin flung his arm around my shoulders. I grinned before facing them. "I confessed my feelings for Yanna." still a smile plastered on my face. "Oh. Hyung. Are you okay?" Jimin asked Yoongi hyung, who suddenly dropped his coffee on the floor. "Yes. I'll just go to the restroom. I'll borrow a mop, too. I'll clean that up later." Yoongi hyung responded. That's weird. He's acting a bit different. "So what did she say??? Did she say she likes you back??" Jungkook asked while his face was so close to mine, diverting my attention to him. "Yes. And we kissed." I pushed Jungkook 'cause he was too close and I just wanted to cause I'm feeling giddy. "Woahhh. Our Taehyung is starting to become a man. Yah. Congratulations." Namjoon hyung patted me at the back looking like a proud dad. "Why are you congratulating him? So are you like boyfriend girlfriend now?" Jimin asked me. "Well....we'll eventually get there." I scratched the back of my head as I responded. "Aish jinja you're so slow." Jungkook said before running away. "Whatever!! At least I got the nerves to go near a girl unlike you!! International playboy but can't even look girls in the eye!" I batted out while laughing. He stopped then rolled his eyes and turned his back at me. J-Hope hyung went near me and led me outside the studio. "Hyung, what's up?" "Are you sure about this? I mean.. you do know she's still recovering from the accident right? What if she remembers everything that happened that night?" I was silent for a moment before answering him, "I'll just face that problem later on. She said she remembers a few things now, but she haven't brought up anything about the night of the accident." "Tae. I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I hope you'd be more careful. You know you're gonna face that problem sooner or later, right? I'm glad that you're happy now, though. Let's just wish for the best." Hobi hyung ruffled my hair then went back inside. I know it's eventually gonna come. That time where I'd have to explain to Yanna. But she also has a few things to explain to me, too. I shook my head, not thinking about it anymore then followed Hobi back inside. -- [ Yanna's POV ] Aaah so nice to feel my arm again. I was stretching my arms when I went out of the hospital, and thinking where to head off to next when I received a text message. It was from Tae. "It's the first time I've texted you. Has your cast been removed? :)" If you do think about it. This is the first time he has texted me. I was always texting with Yoongi oppa for the past few days. "Yes. I just came out of the hospital. I'm still thinking where to go from here." I replied to him. As soon as I hit send, a new message popped up and it was from Yoongi oppa. "Is it true? Are you seeing Taehyung now?" How did he know?? Omg did Tae tell them so soon?? I was feeling embarrassed but then it hit me...what are we really, Tae and I? "I'm not. We're not really dating but I confessed my feelings for him a while ago. And he did the same, too. Thanks for guiding me, Oppa. :) " I sent him. "Np." Yoongi replied quickly. 'Np.' wow so cold. I didn't reply anymore cause something seems off about him. "We're still in the middle of practice. Why don't you go home now and take a rest? We'll ba back maybe around 3 hours more." I received a new message from Taehyung. "Yeah. Maybe I should. See you later!" "Take care. ;) :* " he sent me a quick flirty message. I smiled to myself then hailed a taxi to head back to the dorm. -- I arrived at the dorm after an hour. I was walking around the place when I suddenly remembered the pen I dropped at Taehyung's room. "I hope he haven't noticed it missing yet." I immediately ran towards Taehyung's bedroom. I decided to look around Taehyung's bedroom first before I looked for the pen. He was a messy guy, alright. I started to fold some of his clothes and fixed his bed when I noticed the picture framed on his bedside table. It was a picture of him with his family. "Ah." I held my hand up to my head that started to hurt. I placed the picture frame back to where it was then decided to sweep the floor instead. It's been more than 3 hours now and I'm sure the boys are on their way back from practice. While I was sweeping the floor, I hit something and saw it go underneath the bed. I think it was the pen I was looking for. I reached under the bed, and finally got what I was looking for. The pen looked really familiar so I looked at it closely and I saw a letter "Y" engraved on its cap. I...I think I remember this. My head started to hurt much more after seeing the engraving. I couldn't bear the pain that I slowly sat on the bedroom floor, eyes closed, hands on my head, and a soft whine coming out of my mouth. "YANNA??!!" I heard someone scream and enter the room. "Yanna?? What's wrong??? Does your head hurt?? Tell me." I slightly opened my eyes as I saw Yoongi oppa slowly helping me up to sit on Tae's bed. "Oppa...m-my...head... i-it hurts so much." I started crying from the pain. "Yanna! Don't close your eyes. Look at me! Yah! Look at me!" Yoongi said while his hands were cupped on my face. "Hyung??? What's happening???" I heard Taehyung's voice, and before I could fully open my eyes to see his worried face....I slowly drifted to sleep.
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