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Big Bang's final mv's and songs for the MADE album have been released today. This makes the MADE album complete. The 2 mv's that were released today are called "FXXK IT" and "Last Dance".


My thoughts: This song was definitely a Big Bang style song. It has the same sound and vibe that Big Bang usually gives off. It is a song you can jump and dance to. I liked the beginning a lot. It has a nice beat and flow. The build up is nice and gets you excited for what's to come. Their voices are as beautiful as ever. It has an R&B feel. I really like that it's not as loud and hyper as their other songs. I prefer their slower songs and ballads over their really loud ones like Fantastic Baby. I love Haru Haru and Let's Not Fall In Love. This one is catchy and easy to remember. The chorus will definitely get stuck in my head but I'm not complaining. I love the bright colors and vibe of the mv. GD's hair is so bright and stands out, I love Daesung's hair and TOP, you look great with the pink. Taeyang, please get rid of the dreads... and Suengri keep doing what your doing.


My thoughts: First off I'm a strong ballad lover, therefore I was looking forward to this so much. Now that I've heard it I'm definitely not disappointed. It was a beautiful song. It's a swaying ballad. Like Haru Haru, GD starts off singing first and it's so pretty. I love GD's voice, it's unique and also pretty. I loved the cinematography, it was so gorgeous to look at. But I didn't like how they kept turning everything sideways and upside down. I felt like I had to turn my head as well to see what and who was on the screen. I like the black and white. I kept thinking about TOP throughout the whole mv because he enlisted in the military first, so he will be leaving for awhile and this is the last (I think...) mv we will see him in until he returns. When I saw him and thought this is his last dance... I started to tear up and I think him being the last one shown in the mv meant goodbye for now. His eyes looked like he was starting to tear up himself but with a smile on his face. I couldn't help but cry at that last clip of him. It was so precious and that little smile with a glimmer in his eyes. And GD, I love the black hair! TOP looked so handsome in this mv, that was another reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. This was such a beautiful song and mv. I love when Big Bang makes ballad songs!

What did you think of their two new mv's? Did you love them? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! ^.^~

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I watched "Last Dance" first and I did not regret it. I'm a ballad person as well so I love it. TOP also made me tear up and I got the chills all over me. SeungRi had me feeling some things and Taeyang's voice was so beautiful. Daesang's parts, ❤️ and GD, as always, shows his talent. When I watched "FXXK IT", I was not expecting that sound at all! I didn't watch the teasers so I was very surprised by it. It really makes you want to dance and sway and go a little crazy even though the beat isn't as hard. Big Bang really impressed me and I wasn't disappointed at all!
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OMG Yay! 😂 I can't take then seriously either I thought they were done for but they are back... I hate them so much lol.