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Genre: Angst, Gang! au (M)
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Length: 3694 words
Summary: The choice between family and love. What do you choose?
Part: 2/?
A/N: Just...this is crap. That's all you need to know lmao.
Tuesday: 2200 hours
Yoongi stared at you dubiously. “Y/n, that is the dumbest fucking idea you have ever had. You’re not gonna surrender!”
“I only need to get into our base”, you tried to explain, although Yoongi was right. It was risky. Namjoon sighed. “Y/n, they don’t need you. They’re stronger than us. If ou go there, you’re dead.”
Jimin patted you on the shoulder. “If you didn’t have a broken rib, I’d say it was a good idea. Clearly, this Jungkook seems to have warmed to her…he’s had two or three opportunities to kill her now.”
“That twat is only one member out of four”, Yoongi snapped. “What if the other three saw her?”
Just as you were all discussing how Jin could be taken down, your phone started ringing. You all stopped immediately. None of them knew about the first time Jungkook called you, and you were cautious of what he would say.
“Answer it”, Yoongi ordered and you complied without hesitation.
“Y/n.” You swallowed at the sound of his voice. You could tell he was still in pain, but you said nothing. It was only when you heard whispering from Jungkook’s end of the line, that you realised you were on speakerphone too.
“What do you want?”, you snapped, hoping his gang- and yours- didn’t think anything suspicious was happening here…which it wasn’t, of course. A sharp shooting pain in your side made you wince, and Jimin motioned for you to sit down.
Jungkook took a deep breath. “I want to meet you. Can we meet?”
Jin wanted you dead. You just knew it. Yoongi was furiously shaking his head at you, and you rolled your eyes. “No we can’t”, you replied.
“Tomorrow”, Jungkook pressed on like you hadn’t just refused. “1 pm. We’ll meet where I saw you earlier. Be there y/n.”
And he ended the call.
You looked up to see three angry faces. “Who the fuck does he think he is?”, Namjoon snapped.
“It’s not him Namjoon. It’s Jin. Jin ordered him to make that call…I was on speakerphone.”
“Yes you were. Which means Jungkook has orders to kill you”, Yoongi glared at you as if he knew what you were about to say…which he did.
“Listen boss, we can play them at their own game.”
“I’m not taking that risk y/n! You three…you three are important, OK? I’m not letting you risk your lives like this. This isn’t even reckless, it’s borderline suicidal!”
You made room on the armchair so Namjoon could squeeze next to you. “Yoongi, look at us. I think it’s a risk worth taking. Plus, it’s my fault we’re-”
“-Stop.” He held up his hand and you bit back the rest of your sentence. “You are not going, and that is final. Is that clear?”
“Yeah”, you muttered. “Fucking crystal.”
“Good. Now rest. The effects of the medications are starting to wear off, and we haven’t got any more. I’ll send Jimin out tomorrow to steal some. And Namjoon- you’re gonna have to sell whatever you bought back today. And I’ll keep watch here, in case those pricks turn up.”
“I don’t need the bloody meds”, you grumbled, although you listened to him and sat back down on the old, sagged armchair.
“I’ll go and steal some food then. We don’t have anything”, Jimin suggested to Yoongi, who hummed in agreement.
You shut your eyes, blocking them all out. If you were going to carry out your plan, you’d need to be well rested.
Wednesday: 0700 hours
You woke up in pain, after moving around too much in your sleep and twisting your body at a weird angle. This was the most sleep you’d had in a long time - must have been the pills.
Jimin was out - you assumed he’d gone to get food - and Namjoon and Yoongi were quietly discussing something in the corner. You saw Namjoon counting some money and frowned.
“Have you already sold it all?”, you asked,startling them.
Namjoon grunted in confirmation, still counting. “I woke him up at 4″, Yoongi told you. “Plenty of smackheads out in the street to sell to.”
You rubbed your eyes, sitting up slowly. “What about you? You slept?”
“Nah”, he shook his head. “Couldn’t.” You sighed. Yoongi never slept when he was stressed. “Fuck’s sake”, you groaned, trying to stand. Your legs had gone stiff, and the throbbing pain in your ribs was back.
As you hobbled off to the dingy bathroom round back, you heard Jimin come though the door, the rustle of bags making you smile. Some food was what you needed. You smartened up, brushed your teeth and used some of Namjoon’s deodorant, seeing as you had no shower and no other clothes.
“Y/n, I can hear you!”, Namjoon yelled, his voice muffled by the door. “Don’t touch my shit!” You rolled your eyes and continued spraying a little more, just to spite him.
When you headed back, Yoongi chucked a half empty bag of crisps at you. “Eat up.”
You stared at him. “Crisps?”
“It’s potato. It’s good for you”, Namjoon added. When the smell of his own deodorant hit him, he scowled at you, but after a dangerous look from Yoongi, he said nothing.
“It’s not good for you, you dipshit”, you grumbled, shovelling a few in your mouth. You were starving, so it’d have to do. Jimin had also managed to get some chocolate, which you pocketed for later.
“Right”, Yoongi stood up after everyone had eaten. “Today, we’re gonna go back to base.”
You all stopped what you were doing.
“Boss. No offence, but that’s dumber than y/n’s idea”, Namjoon mumbled, breaking the silence.
“Well it’s gonna be empty, isn’t it? They’re all gonna be waiting for y/n at that place…so it’s gonna be the perfect opportunity for an ambush.”
“All of them?”, Jimin asked dubiously.
“Well, Jin might leave one of them to keep an eye out. Hopefully it’s that idiot V”, you replied. “Yeah, I think it’s a good idea boss.”
Yoongi stared at you suspiciously, seeing as you almost never agreed with him, but let it slide.
“OK. Well, me, Namjoon and Jimin will go…Y/n, you’d be better off staying.”
You hummed in agreement. If they were going to leave you alone, that was the perfect opportunity to sneak out. Even the rational part of your brain wasn’t questioning why you wanted to see Jungkook so bad - to the point where you were risking your life.
Wednesday: 1200 hours
“So, we’re all clear”, Yoongi asked the boys for the millionth time, not at all acknowledging your presence, which you were fine with. It was easier to lie when you weren’t being scrutinised.
“Yes boss”, Namjoon and Jimin replied simultaneously, both with bored voices. “Good. Y/n, you are not to go anywhere. Understand?”
“Yes boss”, you mirrored Namjoon and Jimin. Yoongi narrowed his eyes at you. “It’s not a joke y/n. If I find out you did anything stupid, I’ll personally pay Seokjin to break a few more bones.”
It was an empty threat of course, but you still felt a chill when he said them. “Boss, go. I’ll be fine here.” He nodded at you once, and stood up, Namjoon and Jimin following him.
“I’ll bring your favourite gun back”, Jimin winked at you as he walked out, and you smiled. “And I’ll bring you your own fucking deodorant”, Namjoon added. You flipped him off, turning it into a wave when he turned around.
When those two were out of hearing range, you stopped Yoongi. “Boss. What if Jin comes back early?”
“We’ll have to fight them. I’m not running from my own base.”
“This is not a matter of pride”, you said, exasperated. “Please, don’t fight them.”
“This is not a matter of discussion”, Yoongi mimicked. “We’re gonna get our shit, and we’re gonna come back. If we see them, we’ll fight. End of.”
“Why come back then? If you’re gonna fight, why not just claim the base back as your own?”
“Because they’d know out location. We’d have to be on guard 24/7.” That was true. As you were pondering over this, he started to walk away. “Don’t worry about us y/n. Just take care of yourself.” And with that, he was gone.
Wednesday: 0100 hours
You hid behind the red brick building, just out of sight. You had spotted V and Hope’s hiding places, but hadn’t seen Jin or Jungkook. Which meant that Jin was likely to be on his own at base. 3 against 1 meant the odds were most definitely in Yoongi’s favour.
You sensed movement, behind you, but before you could turn, someone had got hold of you, pulling you towards them. You were about to lash out but then you saw who it was.
“What the fuck are you doing here?”, Jungkook hissed.
“With a welcoming invitation like that, how could I resist?”, you responded drily. He ran a hand through his hair, and you couldn’t help but notice the fresh bruises on his face - the one’s made by his own gang.
“Why the hell did Yoongi let you come here?!”
“He…he doesn’t know”, you admitted, and he shook his head at you.
“They’re ready to shoot. You need to go.”
You unzipped the hoodie you were wearing - Namjoon’s hoodie, of course - and revealed a hint of your padded jacket, before zipping it back up.
“Fat lot of good that’ll do when they’re aiming for your head”, he snapped.
“Why do they want to kill me? They’ve never had that much of an issue with me before.”
“Because of me”, he muttered. “Because I didn’t kill you.”
He hesitantly reached out to lightly touch your torso, and your breath hitched. You could barely feel him over the padded vest, but the action had you borderline hyperventilating.
“Does it hurt?”
“A little”, you lied, even though the pain could be described as a fiery burn in that moment.
He applied a little more pressure and you involuntary hissed. “Liar”, he whispered, pinning you gently against the wall when you both heard V shouting in impatience.
“Jungkook! Where the fuck are you?”
“Stay here”, he ordered, letting go of you and walking out in the open. “I’m here man, waiting for her. Has she still not turned up?”
“No”, you heard Hope call out. “Maybe she’s not coming…you did break her rib.”
“Shall I tell Jin?”, V asked, and Jungkook shook his head. “No. I think we should wait a little more. Stay in your positions.”
And with that he casually walked back to the confinements of the shadows, where you were still stood. “I’ve bought you time. Please go.”
“Not now y/n”, he sighed in annoyance, trying to pull you away.
“Jungkook. Why?”
When he didn’t answer, you tore your wrist away from his grasp. “Fucking answer me.”
His shoulders were heaving, and you weren’t sure why, seeing as he hadn’t physically exerted himself in any way.
In a flash, he had turned around and yanked you towards him, forgetting about being gentle, and before you could comprehend what he was doing, his soft lips were smothered against yours.
You let out an exclamation of surprise, but moved your mouth in sync with his, partly because his grip on you was too strong - but partly because you wanted to.
He pulled away when you both heard Hope let out an annoyed groan in the distance. “Is that a good enough answer?”, he breathed, his dark eyes trained n you, scanning for your reaction.
You were frozen to the spot. Jungkook had just kissed you, and instead of letting your instincts kick in and stopping him, you hadn’t done anything.
“I-i need to go”, you choked out, suddenly realising that leaving was a good idea. You brushed past him but he held out a muscular arm. “Just one question”, he murmured, tucking loose strands of hair behind your ear. “Why did you come when you knew it was a trap?”
Without hesitation, you replied, “Because you called me.”
Wednesday: 1330 hours
“Get the guns Namjoon”, Yoongi ordered, making a beeline for his office. “Jimin, you grab personal belongings. Grab as much as the bags can take.” They all split up, and Yoongi headed towards the back of the building, hoping he wasn’t in for some nasty surprises - namely Jin.
Yoongi swung open his door to find it empty, much to his relief. He grabbed his pistols, scribbled all the numbers off the wall, hoping Jin hadn’t saved them and took his personal stash of money from the safe. A lot of it had been stolen over many years and had accumulated - and now they had a use for it.
He grimaced when he saw Jin’s coat hanging off his chair, but what could he do? They had to move on to survive. That bastard could have this place. Maybe when Yoongi’s group was stronger, they could come back and end Jin. But for now? They couldn’t do anything.
He met back up with the boys around 5 minutes later. From the bulging bags, he could tell they’d successfully got everything they had come for. And without trouble. He checked the time. 1:45pm. “Let’s head back.” He knew y/n would start to worry soon.
Wednesday: 1345 hours
You scurried through the side streets as fast as you could, the look of shock on Jungkook’s face not leaving your mind. He seemed as if he was unable to process what you had said to him. You had muttered something about calling him, and started to run, and hadn’t stopped since. The aim was to get back before Yoongi did.
“Well well. It seems Jungkook fucked up again”, a coy voice stopped you in your tracks. It was a voice you knew very well. You turned slowly and were met with a sly grin on his handsome face. Jin.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, you panted, winded from all that running.
“You just met up with him, didn’t you?” He stepped forward, and you stepped back at the same time, making him chuckle.
“No. He called me last night, but I didn’t go. I’m not stup-”
“-Don’t lie to me little girl”, he warned, all humour gone. “I knew there was something going on between you two.”
“Fucking hell. Are you even hearing yourself right now? You are scum - and everyone who works under you is scum. Why would there be something going on?”
His eyes glinted dangerously, and you saw his fingers twitch. You could tell he wanted nothing more than to just shoot you dead, and if you angered him enough, you knew he would.
“Why won’t he kill you? I kicked him unconscious because of you…yet he won’t. Fucking. Kill. You.” Jin enunciated each word, his voice almost a growl. This time, when he moved closer to you, you didn’t move.
You were too busy trying to work out how you could get out of this, so Yoongi wouldn’t realise you’d been out in the first place. Jin walked around you stopping behind you, and wordlessly put an arm around you.
This could have been interpreted as a hug from behind, except what he was actually doing was pushing your ribs inwards, purposefully trying to hurt you. And it worked. You cried out in pain, and he let go, satisfied.
You turned and tried to kick him, but he caught your foot with ease, bending it at a weird angle before letting go. You tried once more in a feeble attempt to shove him, but he punched you in retaliation, catching your jaw.
Great. That would leave a bruise for your gang to see. “I am too tired and bored to start a war with Yoongi over your death”, Jin drawled as you reeled from the punch. “But if I see you near Jungkook again, I will put you into the ground. Capiche?”
You nodded, and he smiled, which made him look scarily beautiful. “Good. Now run along. I’m sure Yoongi’s waiting.” Then it hit you - it clearly hadn’t occurred to Jin that Yoongi might have gone to base.
Without a word, you started hobbling away, cursing him under your breath.
Wednesday: 0215 hours
You got lucky. Yoongi got in 5 minutes after you, a rare grin plastered on his face. “We got everything y/n. Guns, phone chargers, money, everything.”
You high fived Jimin as he came in, a tired but genuine smile on your face. “Well done guys. Was base empty?”
“Yeah. They all must have been waiting for you. You’re that much of a threat”, Jimin joked. Your eyes flitted to Namjoon, who hadn’t said a word to you, and you soon figured out why - you were still wearing his hoodie. You rolled your eyes at his childish behaviour, and turned to Yoongi.
“You got all our weapons?”
“Every single one”, he exclaimed triumphantly. “Fuckers have nothing now.”
“Good”, you affirmed. That’s what Jin deserved. You were slightly worried about Jungkook - Jin knew Jungkook had let you go. You just hoped he’d be able to lie his way out of it.
Wednesday: 1130 hours
Everyone was asleep, but you were silently pacing the room, feeling too restless. You had your phone in your hand, itching to text Jungkook, but you knew better.
He might not have his phone. Or…he might get in trouble. Or…the possibilities were endless. Just as you were thinking about winding down for the night, your phone buzzed.
From Jungkook:
You up?
You replied ‘Yes’ in a heartbeat. The boy was starting to slowly get to you, and you didn’t know what to do about it. In this line of work, attachments were rare - and usually ended in tragedy.
From Jungkook:
That side street where I saw you selling - come there. Don’t worry, I’m alone
You replied with a quick ‘OK’ before you changed your mind, and slipped your trainers on, making sure to lock the door behind you. The boys were all in such a deep sleep, you doubted they’d wake anytime soon.
What were you doing? You were questioning yourself, yet your feet still kept moving, of their own accord. The walk to the place Jungkook wanted to meet was 5 minutes away, and you weren’t surprised when he was already there, waiting.
You stood in the shadows for a moment, just watching him, He was leaning against the wall, flicking a lighter on and off, mesmerised by the small flame. You cleared your throat, making him look up.
He peered into the darkness, trying to find you, and you stepped forward to make it easier, yet still keeping your distance.
“Listen I…I know that was bad but-”
“-You kissed me”, you cut him off, probably finishing what he was about to say.
“Yeah”, he breathed. “I kissed you.” The silence that followed spoke volumes.
“Jin knew”, Jungkook told you. “He knew you came.”
“I know. He followed me. Stopped me. Threatened me. Punched me”, you listed, and Jungkook moved off the wall to properly look at you.
“He did what?”
“It’s not a big deal”, you brushed it off with a shrug. “He’s done worse. I’m just worried about the bruise, because then Yoongi will know I went against his orders.”
“Jin was so pissed. Your lot took everything. He was so mad, he forgot to ask me about you.” Your eyes automatically flitted to the various bruises on his face from when Jin had hit him.
“You need to stop letting me get away then”, you murmured, jumping when you heard a dog bark in the distance.
“You need to stay away from me”, he replied immediately.
“How? Jin and Yoongi are enemies. They have been for years. With this many feuds…I can’t stay away.” You grunted when you felt a sharp pain shooting up your side - Jin had really done a number on you.
Without thinking, Jungkook got hold you, keeping you steady when you doubled over. “It’s OK. I got you”, he assured, effortlessly holding you up.
“I’m fine”, you unconvincingly told him, trying to pry his hands away, but he only held you tighter.
“That fucker!”, you groaned. You had only just adjusted to the pain levels but Jin had made it worse - a lot worse.
“You’re lucky he didn’t do any more damage”, Jungkook muttered. You rolled your eyes, seeing as it was him who had done the damage in the first place, but said nothing. One the pain had subsided, you straightened up, but he still didn’t let go.
“What did you think when I kissed you?”, he asked. He was so forward and blunt - you could tell he’d had as much relationship experience as you had. Basically none.
“I..don’t know”, you admitted. “I didn’t know what to think. Took me by surprise.”
“What if I was to do it again? Would you stop me?”
He was leaning in as he spoke, and this time you were prepared. “No”, you whispered as his lips brushed yours, making the sensitive skin tingle. To be honest, you wouldn’t be able to escape hi hold if you tried. He gripped you with such fervour, it was like he was afraid you would change your mind. Which was understandable, considering the circumstances.
He tipped your head up to get better access, before fully placing his lips on yours. Your fingers ran up his arms, and stopped at his broad shoulders. He parted your lips to explore your mouth, and you momentarily forgot the two of you were stood in an unlit alleyway in the dead of the night.
That is, until you heard the cock of a gun.
It took Jungkook longer to realise, the by chasing your lips with his own when you pulled away in alarm. But then, he heard the manic giggle, making him curse.
V stepped out from the pitch black darkness so you two could see him, and Jungkook shifted to stand in front of you.
“Well well”, V smiled, although it was a sinister smile. “What have we here?”
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