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Hey Everyone! @nimm14 here with a cute anime for our Spotlight card this week! Get ready for both a cuteness and a feels overload! Sit back and enjoy the ride! So let's dive right in! Media Monsters Squad CEO: @amobts COO: @Qilin94 Media Monsters Lead Monsters: @KokoroNoTakara @BBxGD @nimm14 Monster Bloggers: @SimplyAwkward @AaliyahNewbell @VeronicaArtino @CynthiaForeman Executive Media Squad: @stevieq @JohnEvans @EllieNim

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Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning, or Amaama to Inazuma as it's called in Japanese. It follows the story of young Tsumugi and her father Kouhei Inuzuka. Not long before the show started, Tsumugi's mother died. Her father, not being good at cooking started buying pre made meals at the store near by. After meeting a girl named Kotori Iida at the Cherry Blossom viewing, they started going to her and her mother's restaurant once a week to prepare meals together!

Tsumugi Inuzuka

Kouhei Inuzuka

Kotori Iida

Have you ever watched this anime before? If you haven't I thoroughly recommend it! It's a great story with good animation and characters you'll fall in love with! Also if your interested in being added to our tag list drop us a comment down below!

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