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Back again with a new quiz for people!!! Whose been watching Goblin? Isn't it a great show so far! I am absolutely loving the chemistry between characters! they all have their mood swings and different personalities oh they are all so charismatic! So we have a quiz for you to see who you are most like! Take the Quiz Here! <----
My results came up with being Ji Eun Tak lol I digging her personality, I can see relating to her :)
Some of the other people you could get in your results!!!
Hahaha I got Kim Shin
Are you people looking this drama at Viki right??
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@bapastro and...i cannot watch kdrama at Drama fever too😂😂 it said " this cannot open in your country ;_;"
I got her too!!!! yay beasties for life lol
Hahaha I'm not editing that but I meant besties
You're Kim Shin! You're the goblin born from a vengeful warrior. Like Kim Shin, you're mysterious and not very open about your past or your thoughts. This might make you seem stoic and indifferent to others, but actually, unlike your first impression, you're warm on the inside with a surprising innocence and sweet tenderness. You don't like to show that you're lonely, showing appreciation for the few but close friends you have, but you feel like there's something missing.
I'm the goblin
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