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Back again with a new quiz for people!!! Whose been watching Goblin? Isn't it a great show so far! I am absolutely loving the chemistry between characters! they all have their mood swings and different personalities oh they are all so charismatic! So we have a quiz for you to see who you are most like! Take the Quiz Here! <----
My results came up with being Ji Eun Tak lol I digging her personality, I can see relating to her :)
Some of the other people you could get in your results!!!
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I got her too!!!! yay beasties for life lol
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Hahaha I'm not editing that but I meant besties
a year ago
Are you people looking this drama at Viki right??
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@bapastro and...i cannot watch kdrama at Drama fever too馃槀馃槀 it said " this cannot open in your country ;_;"
a year ago
I got Kim Shin! Yay!!!
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Hahaha I got Kim Shin
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I got Kim Shin
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