This was supposed to be just a oneshot.. but I got some requests of another episode of this and I myself wasn't satisfied with the ending I put.. So this it the second and last part of it! Enjoy~^^
"Hoseok." You pulled away. He looked at you. "I love you." And his lips met yours, and so did his heart. You two were going to be back at it again. Well.. that's what you thought was going to happen. But there was a weird feeling inside of you. You weren't whole hearted towards him. You got up and held his hand. "It's okay Hoseok.. It's not your fault... Yes, what you're dad did was heart breaking and makes me want to kill him so bad. But. BUT. It wasn't your fault. Why did you have to leave me like that?" He looked at you, his pale face almost shining at the amount of tears that were on his face. "I felt guilty. I know you talked about your mom. She was probably one of the most precious people in your life. And.. when I found out what my dad did... it broke my heart. I just wanted to kill myself..." You stopped walking. "Kill yourself?" He nodded and looked down at the ground. Hoseok was the most innocent person you have ever seen. Bright, Cheerful, lovable and sweet. If he fell for someone, he would do everything for them. And maybe even kill himself. "I.. I uh.. can't use my left hand anymore. I severely wounded one of my nerves.." He looked up at you slowly and smiled a little, trying to make you feel better. "HOSEOK!" He bit his lips. "Why would you do that? You.. you know I hate it when you blame everything onto yourself.. Why would you..." You looked at his left wrist. You reached out for his wrist and pulled him closer to you. On his wrist was a big scar. You felt it, as he winced. "Does it hurt?" "A little." You let out a deep breath. What were you going to do with this guy. "I couldn't handle my life without you. You were my energy, my life. My life can't go on without you." You closed your eyes at the words he said to you. They were so sincere, it hurt. "Hoseok... can you give me some time?" He looked at you with his sad eyes. "What do you mean time?" "I.. have a boyfriend right now." He looked down at the ground, kicking the grass. "And.. I don't know if I should go with you or not... Your wrist and all the things you told me really hits me. I just want to go to you right away. But.. I don't know if these feelings add up to love or just.. plain pity." Hoseok didn't say anything. Everything you said was right. You weren't supposed to be with two guys at the same time. You only had to pick one. One only. Yoongi was waiting for you walking back and forth, biting on his nails scared that you might go back to Hoseok. And Hoseok was infront of you, hurt. He needed something that'll make his life working again. They were two irresistible men with irresistible reasons. "I'll wait for you." Hoseok broke the silence with the most stinging words. I'll. Wait. For. You. You left Hoseok and went back to your house. Yoongi greeted you with a hug. He snugged into your neck and held you tighter. You two were silent, counting each other's breaths. His hands, holding your hips and head, he didn't let you go. You pulled away slowly and avoided eye contact with him. "Yoongi.." He knew right away and lifted your chin to him. "Talk to me." His sweet voice melted you instantly, and made you feel comfortable, Like you were at home. "I talked to Hoseok and... he's been through a lot." He held his face into his hands and then pulled his hair back, trying to stop him from getting into an argument. He was smart enough to know that arguing wasn't going to make the situation better. "What did he say?" You fidgeted with your hands, a little nervous, "He.. he can't function his life without me." Yoongi turned around, hands on his hips, and sighed a BIG breath. "So, you're gonna go to him?" His tone got a little agressive than before. You shook your head. "I'm going to give myself a little time." "What does that mean?" "I want to check if my feelings towards Hoseok is love or pity." "Pity?" "He.. he can't use his left hand anymore." "What?" You explained the whole story to him. Starting from his murderer dad, talking about his life without you, and what that resulted to. Yoongi was just in silence. He didn't know what to say. Yoongi became mad that he started to feel bad for the guy. He was starting to agree that he would need someone next to him. But, he couldn't let go of you like that. He just couldn't. You were his way of living also. "FUCK!" He screamed those words and stormed into his room. You sat in silence. So many things were going around in your head. Hoseok, Yoongi, You. You walked into the room and you saw Yoongi standing by the window, with his hands in his pockets. "Hey.. Yoongi.. I'm sorry." You hugged him from behind and snuggled your face into his back. He held your hand and turned around. "I'm sorry you met a girl like me... You don't deserve this.. You deserve all the love in the world. It just drives me crazy that I can't even find the difference between the feelings of love and pity. I don't know what I'll do without you. But.. I don't know what I'll do with Hoseok. He-" "Shh.." He put his fingers on your soft lips. "I know.. I know.. you're going through a lot of stuff. I just.. I just broke out earlier. You know me. I get a little over the top when I'm frustrated." You nodded. "Thanks for understanding... I.. I can't believe I'm going through this. I'm so.. stupid." Yoongi was harsh and most times a savage legend. But, with you.. he was soft and the most caring person you will ever experience. He was nothing but a fluffball filled with love. And it was probably hard for him to keep himself calm at this situation. But to him, you were his number one priority. He didn't want to keep you pressured. You meant his life. And you were able to feel that. "Yoongi, do you love me?" He didn't have a second of hesitation. "I love you." He pulled you in closer and held your face. Your foreheads touched and the breath touched each other's face. He saw your parted lips and dominated towards it. As his tongue went into your mouth, you automatically wrapped your arms around his neck. As the rhythm of the kiss went on, you felt something wet fall onto your cheek. A tear. Yoongi instantly pulled away from you. He turned around and wiped his eyes, trying to hide the amount of pain he actually had in his heart. You turned him around and wiped a tear. The sweater's sleeves that were covering his face slowly dropped and looked at you. It revealed a little kid. A boy that was scared of someone leaving him. That boy was Yoongi.. He was scared that you would leave him alone in the cold dark. He wanted to feel this warmth and cherish it. Just in case he might lose it. At that moment you knew.. the feelings towards Yoongi was true. He was the one you needed to love. The feelings that were wrapped around Hoseok was just the old feelings you felt for him. You didn't know but, they were cherished preciously deep inside your heart. They were taken out by Hoseok's heart breaking story. But.. some part of you didn't want to throw those feelings away. They were going to be part of a good memory years later. Few days later, you met Hoseok. He looked a little bit healthier than the first time you met him. But.. he was still the half-hearted Hoseok. "Hey.." He sat there in silence infront of you. "How were you?" "I was good.. just waited for you." You pressed your lips and got ready to talk to him. "Uh... Hoseok.. I.. I love you." He looked up at you a little bit surprised. "I really love you. But, this is a different type of love." His eyes looked like they were already filled with tears. "My feelings did shake when I kissed you. But.. as I gradually think about it, the emotions that were going around you were just the heart fluttering feeling towards my first love. Sadly, that doesn't last a long time. It's just temporary. I just want to keep you as a good memory, a good experience, and a good friend. I'm sorry." A tear rolled down his face and he nodded trying to smile brightly. "Y/n?" "Hmm?" "Thanks." You were puzzled. Thanks? "Thanks for letting me be with you.. even a short time helps." He was crying, but smiling. You were happy to see that smile. He was becoming healthier one by one. The tears rolled down his face, and dropped, passing his beautiful smile. You held his hands. "Hoseok.. Even though I can't be your lover.. We can be best friends right?" He nodded wiping his tears. "That would be.. great y/n.." Your felt your heart pound a little, but you knew you did the right thing. You came back home and attacked Yoongi with a big hug. "I love you." And you attacked him with some messy kisses. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up.." "Yoongi.. I did it." He raised his eyebrows a little confused. "Hoseok is just... just.. my best friend." He stood there a little dumbfounded. "Wait-" "I'm all yours." He smiled. A pure smile. "I love you too." And you two kissed.
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