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Hello, hello everyone!!

Today I am here with my entry for the G-Dragon Community Holiday Scavenger Hunt!!!

Click here for more information about the Scavenger Hunt:

I remember when Helixx and the rest of the Big Bang Community used to make these scavenger hunts back when I had first started getting into Big Bang. I remember that they would take me forever and that I would procrastinate all my homework to get them done on time (also going to bed late xD)
But that was a long time ago, and now I'm a true, proud V.I.P and I'm still procrastinating my shiz ton of homework to do this, annnnd it still took me forever XD But that's okay. I've been bin-listening to F**K It and Last Dance by Big Bang ^-^ And I really did miss the scavenger hunts, so I'm glad to be doing one for the GD Community.

1) 5 gifs of GD dancing

Ahhh he's so adorable when he dances!! How can he be so cute and squishy?!! I want to dance with him too~

2) 3 photos of GD's best fashion choices

I don't really have any favorite fashion choices of GD, but I do love when he wears black. So I'm a sucker for him wearing plain black t-shirts, and I love ripped jeans on him!! So smexy cx
I love him wearing any suit, but I love this black and white checkered suit on him since it shows that he's sophisticated and classy, but also shows off his weird and crazy side with the checkered pattern. So this has to be my favorite suit on him.
Okay guys, come on. Of course I had to put the 3rd picture!! Wha??? He looks good shirtless and just in his underwear XP This definitely counts as a fashion choice!!! Cx

3) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his cat

Awwww his cat is so cute!!!!!! I want to cuddle with it!!!
They're the perfect match~~~~~
I'm sorry that the last two pictures are small and low quality. I tried.

4) 4 photos/gifs of GD with his dog

Awwwwww look at his adorable little doggo!!! He's skin is all saggy and wrinkly!!! So adorable!!!!!! Hmmm you usually wouldn't use saggy and wrinkly to describe something cute >.> But that dog is so cute!!!!!!!
Another perfect match with our adorable little Jiyong cx

5) 5 photos/gifs of GD with different colored hair

God, I just love all of his hair colors!!! Especially red!!! But I also love him with his white hair, but the hair he had in Crayon was also such an awesome hair color!!! But he also looks so good with black hair!!! God, I love him with all of his different hair colors!

6) Video of your favorite GD solo song and why it is your favorite.

I had a hard time choosing my favorite song by GD since I've had the chance to listen to almost all of his solos and I really love them all. But I have to go with Crooked since it was the first solo I heard by GD and it's a song that really got to me. I really relate to this song, and so do many of you. I love the music video and I love the lyrics and the meaning behind the song. I basically love everything about this song and video!! Hell, I even love G-Dragon's hair and every single one of his outfits in this video!! God, it's just such a perfect song.

7) 5 photos/gifs or GD eating

Hehe, is it just me or do you guys find kpop idols eating to be one of the cutest things ever!!?!?! Haha, maybe I'm just weird cX

8) 3 photos of your of GD's worst fashion choices

I'm really fine with anything G-Dragon wears, so this was kind of hard to find outfits that I really did not like. The first outfit is really not my favorite. The sparkly flowers kind of just ruins it for me, but even if he didn't have the flowers the shirt still wouldn't be that likable XP
This outfit is fine, but I really do not like that mustard color on him. It is not his color XP If the shirt and cardigan was black or a different color then I would be fine.
Ummm I don't even know what's going on with this outfit XD I'm sorry, the puffy, long sleeves don't do it for me. I don't even know why this outfit bugs me so much, I just don't like it XD I love all black on him, but there's something wrong with this outfit.

9) Video of your favorite GD live performance

It was hard to pick my favorite live performance since all of them are so cool!! But I decided on this one since this one is sooooo cool!!!!! Like, I love all the bright colors that the back up dancers are wearing and the lights that flash from the stage. Also, G-Dragon's hair is so gorgeous!!! That color is so pretty!! And his pants are so dope!! I also love how the backup dancers keep changing throughout the song and how they're all wearing different outfits. My favorite outfits has to be the black ones since the girls look badass as hell and the guys are showing off most of their *cough cough* sexy chocolate abs *drools* And the sparks falling from the ceiling looks so cool!!! Also, Crayon is one of my favorite songs ever!!

10) 3 photos/gifs of GD sleeping on or with other Big Bang members

Awwww soooo cute!!!!! I wish I could've found a picture of them all, but I couldn't find any. At least these are cute c:

11) 5 photos/gifs of GD in Christmas attire

Obviously we need pictures of G-Dragon dressed up in Christmas outfits since this is a Holiday Scavenger Hunt C: And he looks so adorable in these outfits!!!!

Extra Credit (1 extra entry): If you could spend one day with GD, where would you guys go and what would you do? (Include photos!)

Oh wow, where do I start? Well, if I could hang out with G-Dragon for a day I would love to walk around the streets of Seoul at night and just talk about life and just joke around and have fun and such. Then I would love to go to an amusement park with him and just mess around on the rides and laugh at each other. Hmm then I would love to just chill at a cafe and drink coffee or tea and talk some more. Ya, that would be the dream C:

Well there you go! Here is my entry for the G-Dragon Community Holiday Scavenger Hunt.

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing this card and I really hope that you all join the scavenger hunt as well!!

Have a great day everybody~

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Thank you for your entry! GD in his underwear will always be perfect fashion! πŸ˜‚ I enjoyed what you would do with GD for the day! It sounds like a nice fun day! πŸ˜€
Haha right!?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And thank you~ I only wish it could actually happen πŸ˜…
gorgeous man
Right!? 😍
😍😍😍😍😍 thanks for playingggggg
Haha of course ^-^