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Que tal peeps!

I'm an ARMY all day but Big Bang is what got be deep into Kpop! I mustbpay respect to my oppas....the real gangstas of Kpop! I know the buzz is about their new video. I will put the video below if you missed it. Above is them talking. The video above has English Subs!
Big Bang "FXXK It" I love the colors and that D Lite finally got some screen time! GD is looking so good (@BBxGD don't come for me lol). Youngbae bringing back his loco hair! The song is laid back, but it is a love song basically about a girl that changed a guy. He is feeling her (likes her a lot). Instead of denying his feelings hes like "fxxk it I love you" (said in chours).


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Awesome song! another Big Bang hit ❤