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Lee Seungri & Reader

some smexy smut with the sexy sassy seungri
"Baby!~" I simply groan as I cover my head with thr blanket. Seungri was trying to wake me up by being cute. I knew what he wanted... my attention, since today was his birthday. He has been at this for a good 20 minutes. "Yah! Love me... its my birthday?! Don't tell me you forgot!" He pulled at the blanketb trying to get me out of bed. I let him win and cover my eyes with my forearm. "Yah! Lee Seung hyun oppa! Go into the kitchen instead of bothering me." I could see his face from under my arm, and noticed he was pouting, whilst hugging thr blanket. "Do you not love your panda anymore?" I sighed heavy and hung my head as I sat up. "Go to the kitchen... you're answer is in there and getting cold." He looked at me puzzledb before ditching the blanket to go to the kitchen. I smiled as I watch him run for it. I got up quickly and lock the bedroom door the monent he shouted. "PANDA PANCAKES YES!" I giggled at how cute he sounded, as I ran around the room lighting candles. I closed the curtains, and stip down to his favorite net-lace panties and bra set. Then threw on my extra large Big Bang sweater. "Yah, Jagi? Why you lock the door? Aren't you coming to join me?" I wrap myself in the blanket, before unlocking the bedroom door. "I'm coming... just changing." I spoke while slipping out of the bedroom, as a blanket monster. He raised an eyebrow at me, while I closed the door quickly. "What... its cold." Seungri sighed, while shaking his head and smiling. "What am I to do with ya, my adorable jagiya?" He pulled me into his armsb blanket and all. I looked up at him, to peck his lips. "Let's eat." He looked me over and cocked an eyebrow. "You didn't think I would noticed what you have on?" I blinked at him, while thinking 'fxxk'. He fought with me to take the blanket away from me. He was grinning as he noticed he was winning. I let go of the blanket to pull the sweater down a bit more, to cover the fact that I had no pants on. "Ooo look at my baby girl supporting her yeobo.~" I couldnt help but smile at him, when he coo over me in his group sweater. He gave me this sweater after his last concert, and it had his name on the back. "Is this my birthday gift? What you wearing under that?" His eyes had darken as he game me his famous devilish smirk. I pursed my lips together, and ran back into the bedroom. He follow me since I didnt close the door. "Yah, why you running aw-...." Seungri cut himself off, as he stop dead in his tracks. He was looking around in awe, as he noticed the candles, and the banner over our bedb saying, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HANDSOME PANDA SEUNGRI!' A childlish grin appear along his face. He then looked down at me, as I held my arms out wide. "Yes I am your birthday gift." His eyes divertered to the net-lace black panties that bared themselves, when my sweater moved up. "Is this all I get? Cause I check, the rock on you hand said you were mine." He brought up our promise ring, which mine had a small diamond in it. I tied up my hair and pulled off the sweater to reveal the underwear set I was wearing. "We both know how much you love playing with me. So I clear my whole schedule to just screw your brains out, all day and night long." I made him sit on the bed, as I straddle his lap. His hands found their way to my waist and lower back. Seungri licked his lips, whilst one hand when to slap my ASSets. I jump a bit out of reflex, and wrap my arms around his neck. "Oo I love this gift... so you'll do what ever I tell you to in bed?" I nodded my head, as I noticed the switch in his mind flip on. He quickly grabbed my rump with both hands, as firmly as he could, without hurting me too much. "Then I want you to stand up, and put your hands behind your back." Seungri eyes turn darker then I was used to, but it was his birthday. I did say I was his gift after all. I stood up and rest my hands behind my back. Seungri had gotten up and went behind me intovthe closet. "Stay still, don't turn around." I knew what he was going for, his 'toy box' in thr closet. No need for me to turn around and peek. I heard him come back over, but he was behind me. I felt something fluffy cuff my hands together, and his lips brush against my neck. He had my hands both grop his hard on through his pajama pants. I could feel his sharp breath by my ear, causing me to gulp and take a deep breath. "You always know how to please me ans make me happy. This will be my favorite birthday gift always." He whisper softly in my ear, before he nipped at it. I whimpered from the short amount is pleasurable pain. "Anything to please you 'Mr. Lee'." I rubbed his hard-on as he attacked my neck. When I used our sexy-time nickname it always got under his skin. It was more powerful than calling him 'Daddy'. "Fxxk it..." Those were the last words I was fully able to understand. Cause in seconds, he had turn around, and down on my knees. He had pulled out his member, and I moved intinctly. I found myself sucking one of my favorite lollipop. Seungri's fingers where entangled into my pulled back hair, as he moved his hips. "Ah~ Yes ~ Y/n~" He had me hitting my limit but didn't stop though. He wanted me the drink his release. My tongue play with his member, twirling around as I hummed. "Fxxk!" I knew I had him, when I could feel him throbbing inside of my mouth. "No...not yet." He pulled out, and I was panting heavily. I looked up at him, whilst licking my lips. "Today... were gonna make a baby." I bit my lip, to hold back my smile. He said that everytime, he was going to give it to me good. Seungri fixed his hair as he waved for me to stand up. I obey like a good girl, before he crush his lips against mine. I felt his hands graze against mine. He had set me free, and pushed me down into the bed, after unhooking my bra. He was always moving quickly so most of the time I didnt notice most naughty things he did. This was his sport, and I was his prize. I smiled warmly at him, earning a soft chuckle from him. "You're so good my 'Harley Quinn', how did I win such a beauty?" He called me by his sexy-time pet name for me. "I place his face into my hands and leab up close to kiss him. "I ask myself the same thing everyday Puddin." As one could tell we were nerds, but our neigher thoughy we were fxxk rabbits. "Well then let me show you my love... I do want a baby though." I giggles as he pulled off my panties. I removed my bra, along with his shirt. We stop speaking again, as his pants met the floor. Seungri tower over my, while seperating my legs, to wrap around his waist. He softly licked my lips before fonding my breast. I mee at his touch, as he left a ghostly trail of kisses from my jawline, downwards. One of his hands travel down to my clit, and his thumb started to toy with it. My hand trace circles along his arm, as my other rubbed along his chocolate bar abs. a rush of heat started to take over me, as he nip at my nipples. I arch my back from the pleasure, and could only hear my own heavy panting. Seungri always took advantage of this moment, and snap his hips, making his shaft enter inside of me. Causing me to moan loudly, enough to know our neighbors heard us. His lips, had left my skin, making me look up at him. He looked at me hungrily, as smirked so deviliously. He pulled my hips off the edge, and moved my leg to rest on his shoulder and hips. He bit on his own lips, before thrusting so fiercely. I grabbed a handful of the bed sheets, as his free hand rubbed my clit. There was no taming my volume as the moans echo through out the bedroom. He was grinning the whole time, knowing full well he was driving me crazy. I bit down hard onto my lip, before moving my leg from his shoulder, back to his waist. Seungri was catch off guard by my actions. I push myself up, and wrap my arms around his neck. His hands intinctly grabbing my behind. He smirked again, as he noticed what I was getting at, as he kissed my lips. "Bad jagi.." He turn to sit down on the bed, and had me bounce on him instead. I noticed him whince, and smirked at him, but he noticed my smirk. His hand found its way back down to my clit, while he lay down on his back. I was back to moaning heavily. He was groaning with me this time though. We sounded like animals, but the pleasure was so amazing. My fingers curle up at his abs, as I felt my climax coming. He sat up quickly, and wrap his arms around my waist. His lips attacking my neck, while he snap his hips harder. My fingers graze through his hair, as I felt myself losing my mind. The rush of pleasure was unbelievable as always. "y/n!" He had finally reach his climax as well, and we both rided out the rush of pure pleasure throughout our entire bodies. He furiously kissed me passionately. He looked so please, it made me truly happy. "Seungri oppa... I got another... birthday gift for you..." I spoke while heavily panting. He was rubbing my back, as our foreheads rested on each other. "What is that, cause there is no topping this..." I giggled softly, before pecking his breathless lips. "You might want to marry me... cause were having a baby... its gonna be a boy." He pulled alway shocked, before looking me over. He finally noticed the belly I was slowly developing. He had been on tour and working too hard to noticed I was starting to show. There was a sparkle in his eyes as he looked between my eyes ans belly. "Yes! I'm gonna be a daddy!" He flipped us over in joy and had me lay on the bed again, while ravishing my lips again. I was so glad I could make him this happy.

Hope you all enjoy this birthday fun time card xD