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I Was on The Same Plane as VIXX?!

Yep, ridiculous things happen in my life.

Here's my story of meeting VIXX Ken at the Singapore airport and riding on the same plane :)

More Kpop Story Time:

You can also find me here:

SnapChat: cari.cakez

Have any of you guys met/seen Kpop idols?!

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closest I've gotten to an idol is on the snow app using the BTS and B1A4 filters 馃槶
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8 months ago
so lucky!
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8 months ago
I never figured you actually had an account on here. I had subscribed to your YouTube channel when one of your videos was on my list on YouTube recommendations to watch 馃槀
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Really?! HOW COOL! And yes I've had a vingle a long time but stopped for a while but it seems like it got super exciting while i was gone hahahah
8 months ago
You are so lucky
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not yet! that so AMAZING
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