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Who: Reader x Kim Minjun What: So say you start listening to a band called Smut and the Smutetts and everytime they play a Smut song you can't help but to rock to their smutty tunes. Story: N/A
You woke up to a beautiful morning but cold greeted you the moment you sat up. You wanted to bury yourself in the covers more but the smell of hot chocolate and chili was in the air. You smiled, loving that holiday scent filling the room. The way it reminded you of his warm arms and holiday traditions had you getting up to follow the scent. In your sweater and panties only, your cold bare feet quickly tip toed across the cold, hard wood floors and to the kitchen table. Minjun was sitting down with a mug in his hand and a small smile on his face. "Good morning Tokki (Rabbit)." he said. "Good morning baby." you smiled back. You walked over to the counter where there was another mug filled with chili powder and thick chocolate. You took a sip and hummed satisfied at the taste, it was so good. You thanked him and went back to your drink soaking up every rich flavor that entered your mouth and danced with your tongue. Minjun had been watching you for a while but after some time he used a finger to beckon you to him. Your eyebrows went up in curiosity and you walked over to him. You leaned down while he continued to call you down to him. His forefinger met under your chin and guided you to his lips. He brushed them against yours and slowly opened his mouth to kiss you. Your lips parted for his sweet kiss, while his hand softly and slowly ran past your jaw and to your hair. The feeling of his fingers meeting your head had you taking in a slow breath through your nose while he deepened the kiss. His other hand met the side of your hip and he pulled you onto him. Butterflies danced in your stomach and your heart fluttered at the sweet taste of his lips. He pulled away to your dismay and even he seemed to regret the action so he came back to your lips for one more peck before his hand came to your upper back and his other arm wrapped around your waist. "Good morning Y/n." he said resting his head on your chest. You chuckled, "You said that already Jun." you said. "It bares repeating when I wake up to you." he said. You smiled as you pet his head and let your fingers run through his hair. He was so warm despite the cold morning and him wearing a tank top. He just listened to you breathe while goosebumps rose on your arms and legs. His hand came down to your naked thigh and trailed down to your knee before he flattened his palm and slowly ran it up your thigh to your panties. His fingers curled in your panty line slightly tugging at them as he looked up. "This is our first Christmas as an engaged couple." he said. You smiled, "Indeed it is." "You'll be my wife soon, Y/n." he said. That realization alone heated both your bodies. Together as husband and wife, you two were headed into a whole new life and his band members couldn't have been happier for the two of you. He promised no matter what the public said, no matter what it did to his image he wasn't leaving you. You were lying if you said you weren't scared. Marriage was scary sometimes, you were scared to ruin his image, you were afraid the pressure would make you two break up, you were scared to be a wife. However, every fear that ever existed inside of you melted away and was forgotten when he kissed you or hugged you. Anytime he said he loved you all of that was more important than your fear of being a wife and instantly Minjun was the only thing you could see, the only thing you cared about. He tugged at your panties again. His other hand pushed you closer to his body so he could take in your scent. "I'm not sure I can wait much longer Tokki. I really need you, I need you so bad." he said. You felt a coil in your stomach hearing his voice get a little rough. You asked him to wait until you two were married before you had sex. You two had slept together before, a few months after your engagement in fact but the deeper into the planning you got the more you wanted the wedding night to be special. He promised not to touch you until the honeymoon so it would be special but you could hear how hungry he was for you. He wouldn't do it without permission but the way his fingers tugged at your panties let you know he really wished you would say it was okay. "Make it my Christmas gift." he whispered against your lips. You smiled, falling for his touch anyway, "It's Christmas eve Jun, you can't open your present the day before." you chuckled. "I don't think I can wait till tomorrow baby. You're driving me insane." he said. His hand went up your sweater and ran up your back. You took in a long slow breath moaning his name as you exhaled slowly. You heard him groan your name into your chest. "Okay Jun, you've got me." you said. He brought your head down so he could kiss you. Your hands framed his face and when he stood up your legs wrapped around his waist. Your kiss continued, the feeling of his tongue dominating over yours then yours over his had you so hot inside. You couldn't wait for him any more, you had made it for two months with no sex but you were so lost in each touch and kiss that you felt that it was almost enough to make you come. He laid you back on the bed as soon as you got inside the room. Your legs released him so he could pull up to take off his white wife beater and he tossed it to the side. The way he came back over your body had you taking in a sharp breath. His body heat getting to you quickly. He kissed your lips, taking your bottom lip between his teeth and letting it slowly escape your lips. Every move he made and every touch he placed on your stomach had you wanting him more. He pulled away from your lips again to remove your sweater and then made it to your panties, slipping them off slowly so his hands could run against your soft legs. You sat up once they were off and kissed him while unbuckling his belt and pants. He started to help but he wanted your lips more and his hands came to your face kissing you hungrily. Minjun kicked his pants to the side along with his boxers and you quickly stood up off the bed, turning to push him down. He scooted back watching you crawl over him, taking your position like you did in the chair. You hovered your lips over his and he tried to kiss you so you pulled away. Everytime he tried you pulled away, "Tokki." he said almost breathless. Your hand came to his chest feeling his body the way you liked. He groaned under you. He watched you bite your lip and you made your breathing sync with his. Your hands ran up his arms while his ran up your back. His hands came to your thighs while your hands ran down his chest. You looked down at his erection hard and standing up, ready to be touched and you were already soaking for him. The way you looked back up at him with lust in your eyes had him pull you over his hardness so quickly you moaned at his haste. "Ride me baby." he said. His eyes were dark and his voice was dripping with lust. You licked your lips noticing he'd situated himself under you; all you needed was to sit. You lowered onto him moving slow and taking him inch by inch. He moaned against your bare chest releasing warm air onto them. You slid up then back down slow in rhythm trying to concentrate on his many kisses to your skin. His hand going to your hip to move you harder against him but not necessarily begging for the speed. "Y/n." he whispered your name in a husky tone. His voice had your heart racing more. He kept moving his hands, he kept touching you everywhere. His hands went to your thighs squeezing them lightly while he kissed your nipple. By the time his hands reached your ass and squeezed it he was sucking on you. You moaned loud enough for him to hear, your voice sounded desperate when you said, "Jun." "More." was his reply to your moan. More you gave, coming down on him harder and moving slightly faster. Your hands moved from his shoulders to around his neck and you brought him in closer. He was kissing the valley between your breast. When he looked up, your high pitched moan filled the room when you saw him look up at you. You threw your head back moving faster. You kept one arm wrapped around his broad shoulders while your other hand gripped his other shoulder. You called his name louder with more moans building to your orgasm. He flipped you over onto your back and he took over pushing into you hard. Your back came off the bed and his fingers went to your clit. He made love to you like no one else could. "Y/n, baby look at me." His hand came to your neck and you looked up at him. He pressed his forehead to yours, going a little faster and moving harder making you moan against his lips. "I love you Y/N." he whispered. He kissed your neck letting you back down on the bed, his body covering yours. Your nipples rubbing against his chest as he rammed into you harder. He sucked marks onto your neck as he brought your legs up higher. Your moans were in his ear, his groans were in yours. Your name rang off his lips like a song while you called his begging him for more. He was moving hard but slow on purpose to make the build up slow and deliciously sweet. He wanted you longer. "Look at me." he said. Your hands worked at his back as you looked back at him. His hand came to caress your cheek and he pecked your lips. You tightened around him, "Shit Y/n." he said feeling you. He kept his eyes locked with yours. Your face contorted in pleasure getting closer as his hips sped up their thrusts. "I'm gonna come." you moaned. "I know I can feel you." he said. He pecked your lips again then teased you by avoiding the kiss. You whined as you threw your head back and your back arched. His other hand came up from your leg and he set it by your head. You cried his name gripping more at his back. "Jun!" Your legs shook as you got even closer. You looked him in the eyes whining. "Please, please." you said. "What do you want tokki?" "Make me cum." you cried. Your nails scratched at his back when he pushed up your butt and went deeper inside of you much harder than before. He kept his eyes locked with yours, "Come for me baby. Come on." he said. "Jun!" You screamed his name as you came undone. He kept pushing into you, searching for his own release not yet done. He kissed you as he went deeper. His hand finding yours after it slipped from his back. His fingers laced with yours while he rammed into you a bit harder. Something in you said he wanted to switch the position but was too close to leave you now. His lips came to your ear and you shuddered against him. His other hand held your leg against him and he said, "I want to come inside you so bad baby." "Come inside me." you said without hesitation. You were on the pill anyway, it would feel amazing. He moved faster closing in on his release. You grabbed his arm when he let go of your hand. He kissed you again, his tongue moving fast to take over yours. You let out a moan when he hit an amazing spot though you'd already come before him. The sound was enough for him to loose it and he jerked inside of you filling you up. You felt his warmth as he continued moving inside you to come down from his high. He felt so good. "I love you Y/n." he said through heavy panting. "I love you too Minjun." He sighed and placed little kisses on your neck. You closed your eyes as you felt him wrap his arms around your body. He was so warm, you hugged him back and kept him there as your eyes closed and there you comfortably slept that Christmas eve morning away in his warm arms....
Hot enough was the first song that came to my head when I read the intro lol I don't know why but it did and I'm questioning why vixx had to suddenly appear like THIS ISN'T EVEN TIME FOR YOU SEXY BASTARD
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG
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BRE!!!!! really?!? a smutty 60's Motown girl group name!?!? I cannot with you mami!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂