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it shows how RICH he is. the vicinity map of his house was very huge..
@siennabebs thanks for keeping us update on minho, guess we just cant get enough of him..
its okay my dear.. im sorry i misunderstand you, actually i really don't know the real owner of this house cause the information was a little bit Confidential .. but i tried my best to update more about Lee Min ho.. we only have 2weeks before its aired to SBS.
@siennabebs..sorry if I hav offended u, guess u mistook my question. As minho is shooting the drama at the scene/house in Malibu beach..I was thinking whose house did they get to play in. I thought u might hav some info about it. It shows how much of a connection of the korean show business with the others, how lucky they can find such magnificent places scenery.
how about kim tan's house??
I Dont know whats wrong with you my dear.. i just shared some BTS of "inheritors" if you dont like it well leave this page.. ofcourse Lee min ho was not the real owner of this house.. but since they're taping/shooting some scene about his wealth .. so i posted here. .. Is that a BIG DEAL?? -,- wooo
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