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Here is my first entry for the Holiday fanfic event. I hope everyone enjoys it. I had fun and an emotional time writing it.
There the couple stood in complete bliss looking up at the stars as snowflakes fell down upon and around them. Arms wrapped around each other and both wearing a warm smile upon their faces. The couple totally unaware of my presence or blessing. If I was still human my tears would be falling but instead one can hear the chime of a church bell. I walk this, the last night for me on this earth. A smile forms on my face because I managed to accomplish my task. All that I need to do is wait for my ascension into heaven. I take a look at the couple again, my best friend Ravi and my ex-girlfriend. Together finally after a year of me making this happen. I had to make sure I did it slowly but surely. While doing this I managed to help them both move on from my death. I am standing here radiating warmth, happiness and love to these two people who were once so important to me and once my confidants. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn to look. Here is Gabriel, one of the archangels. “Leo, is time to ascend but first, God is giving you fifteen minutes to say your last farewell to these two humans.” Gabriel goes up above and keeps the portal open for me. I wrap my arms around them and a warm glow emanates around us. The shock upon their faces is almost comical but I give them my signature smirk. I unwrap my arms from them and stand before them. “Wae, Leo…” he starts off and tears start silently falling. “I’m so sorry Leo. So sorry I wasn’t there with you that night in the car.” I shake my head and bring my hands up and wipe his tears from Ravi’s face. “Do not be sorry. It wasn’t your time to leave this earth.” I grab his hand and place it on her hand. “Please be there for her. Be here rock, best friend,and lover. Be all things I was promised her but can not deliver. I love you both and just want you happy.” Her tears and sobs echo through the night. I open my arms and she walks right into them. I kiss her atop her head and rub soothing circles into her back. “Shh, y/n. I loved you then, I love you now, and I will always love you. Please for Ravi, be his everything as well. I could not have chosen anyone better including myself. Be happy You both have my blessing. No need to feel guilty.” A warm glow emanates around us once more. I release her from my hug. “Blessings in the New Year to both of you and your love. I’ll watch from above once in awhile.” I wave as I ascend up. Gabriel greets me with a smile. I watch just a little more before it closes up and Gabriel sends a little angel magic down making the snowflakes dance a little around them before dispersing at their feet. As I stand up I feel a new weight upon my back. I turn my head and I have a set of crimson wings. Gabriel smiles. “Ahh, yes, that job will suit you nicely.” “What job?” “The job of cupid.” I smile a small smile and follow where his hand is pointing. I walk over to a group of crimson winged angels that stood there waiting for me with smiles upon their faces. Yes it will definitely be blessed beginnings for me and for them.
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Bruh, why you do this to me?! I'm literally in tears! My pillow is like soaked. That was sad and sweet at the same time! 😭😭❤️❤️
I'm sorry.
Aww that was so touching. I loved it! 😭😄😍💖
thank you.