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Original link here: Here is my submission for the above event. Enjoy! It will totally make you blush!
Confession to bias (a Got7 oneshot) You and your best friend were at your apartment in the living room and you were pacing from one side of the room to the other while she was sitting on the couch. "What if he doesn't return my feelings for him! Huh?! I don't want to look foolish in front of him! What do I do!" You tell your bestie. "Relax! Stop panicking! I'm sure he'll say something nice about what you did for him. Just keep being positive about it!" Your bestie assured you. "Okay, but still, what if he doesn't accept my feelings? What do I do now?" You asked again. "Girl, you need to calm down, I'm sure he will return your feelings." Your bestie reassured you again. You sit on the couch and just as you were about to call him, you realized that he was busy so you waited until he was available. As you were waiting, you turn on the television and search the guide for something good to watch for the next few hours. After a while, you decided to call him. "Hello?" He asked on the phone. "Jackson, I need to tell you something, can you stop by my place when you get time off?" You asked him. "Sure (r/n) I'll be there immediately." He responded. "Bye Jackson!" You tell him. "Bye (r/n)." He responds. You both hang up as you sit on your couch, nervous as a wreck as you wait patiently for him to ring your doorbell or knock on your door. As you were waiting you hear a knock on your door. You quickly get up, and open the door and it was Jackson. "Hey, come in, I need to tell you something." You tell him as you lead him to the couch and you shout the door and lock it. He sat down as you stood in front of him. "Look, Jackson, I like you, like, really, like you. I really like you, wait, I-I th-think I love you. I love you, like, I think I might be in love with you. I-I just-" you were cut off by him as he kissed you and grabbed your waist. He pulled you on the couch as he hovered over you and kissed you, as the both of you were making out on the couch. You motioned him to let you sit up and you catch your breath. "Wow Jackson, I didn't know you would accept my feelings that fast!" You tell him. "What are you talking about? I've always had feelings for you." He replied and kissed you again. You lay your head on the pillow as the both of you make out. The both of you make out until his phone buzzed. Mark texted him, "Yo! Hyung! Where are you?". He got his phone and you both sat up on the couch. Jackson texted his hyung back, "I'm at (r/n)'s apartment. She had to tell me something.". BaemBaem snooped at his phone and he texted him, "ooo did she confess?" Jackson shook his head and texted him back, "that is none of your business! You need to stop being so nosy!". You patted his back and rubbed it. "It's okay oppa, he's just curious." You told him. "I know." He said. "I think you should go home, I don't want the other members or your manager to worry." You told him. "Ahh, you're right." He said and he gathered his things, kissed you and headed out. "Bye jagi, I love you!" He told you. "Bye oppa! You too!" You replied. He went back to the dorms with his hyungs.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want me to write another one shot, please suggest an idol! Also click here for more information on how to submit your own confession letter: Gotta tag these peeps! IGot7 team @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @AaliyahNewbell @twistedpuppy @MaricelvaRomero @mbg3t @VeronicaArtino
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