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Guys why does this song hurt so much? I feel like this song is "goodbye" (I know I know). I just don't know what to do with myself my heart is so broken and I'm so scared. I cried silently throughout the whole video, but when it got to the end (those of you who have watched it know what I'm talking about) made me sob and made me cry and so much that now I'm exauhsted. My heart can't do this I cant take any thing else. For those of you who watched who else feel like the girl GD is with kinda represents the fans or atleast that's how I feel. Please comment and tell me your emotions and feelings about this. And yes I am sobbing as I am writing this.
During the show, the members noticed a fan comment that read, "The word 'last' in 'Last Dance' is so sad. Is it really the last?" To the comment, Big Bang members replied, "Everyone could interpret it differently...'Last' in 'Last Dance' doesn't mean it's 'the end.' We contained a meaning of recalling the best moments."
yes the girl GD is hugging is represented as us VIPS, GD hugging her symbolizes that he will always come back to us. Last Dance has a lot of things going on in it but I know that in my heart they aren't going to leave us and will always come back.
I also thought that the girl represented the fans and I cried as soon as the video it went on I kind of felt like my heart was breaking because I couldn't believe that like they are leaving forreal and we've had so many good times together. At the the end though I couldn't help but smile while crying ..i don't know why I just did. I just love them so much
me too
I also felt like it was a "goodbye" song. Let just hope they don't blind side us like 2NE1 😐.