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INFINITE was chosen by @axosrain
My first bias....
Woohyun ❤️❤️❤️❤️
If it wasn't for Woohyun and Sungyeol in High School Love On I may not have even looked at Infinite! This was one of my first dramas and I am thankful for it because Infinite is one of my favorite groups!!
My Current Bias....
Nam Woohyun!!!!
Ever since I saw him in High School Love On and in the MVs and variety shows, I have only had eyes for him. Then earlier this year I found out that he was finally making his solo debut and I lost it. I love his voice most of all.
My bias wrecker.....
The way he moves, I don't even know what to say just that this man kills me when he moves nuff said...
My favorite song would have to be a toss up between Back and Nothing's Over because those are the two songs that pulled me into Infinite. Even to this day if I would to YouTube Infinite those would be the first two I would play.
My Favorite MV/Song...
If I made this card yesterday than I would have said that Bad was my favorite MV but I came across this one today and I fell in love with it. Bad was originally my favorite because it was my first Infinite comeback and I loved their sound but just thinking about this song is actually making my cry a little.
Together is an OST track from Infinite's 2014 movie Grow : INFINITE's Real Life Story.
"Together" was composed by WooHyun during the world tour "One Great Step" thinking about the friendship between INFINITE members. This song adds more meaning to it as all the members wrote the lyrics 'Together'.
The song portrays not the usual strong performance and dance routine but a melody so cozy and soft to emphasize their trust between one another.
INFINITE confesses their feelings to be together for a long time to far and beyond, just like the lyrics "you have filled my heart with light".
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MikOKDhcHBA This information is from the description of the video.
I saw this movie earlier this year and I enjoyed it. It was a look into who they really are how they feel about their journey and one another. I love going back and re-watching this movie.
Well I guess that wraps up this card. I want to thank @axosrain for choosing Infinite, I loved making this card and thinking about how I started stanning this group. I have been listening to KPOP for two years already and Infinite is one of the two groups I have been listening to the longest and I have loved every moment of it. I support Infinite wholeheartedly and I look forward to each and every comeback as it is a new experience every time. Let's continue to show our love and support for such an amazing and hardworking group!!!
Credit to the owners!
Until next time Love You All!
group: Bts (multifandom tho) first bias: taehyung current bias: i dont even know anymore fav song: cant pic fav mv: i need u long ver
I am multifandom also! And it is so hard to choose a bias in BTS
Awwww Woohyun. He is cool. I liked high school love on. It was cute.
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Hahaha wow.