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alright before I forget to post again I'm going to. lol second time is the charm here lol. now its still in Keri:s view, I picked places that I could definitely see Yoongi wanting to visit. Hopefully I got it right.
Keri's view*** "Why did you end up getting so many books?" Yoongi questioned as we walked back to the hotel.  He had stupidly volunteered to take the bag. There was 6 hard cover books and 2 paperbacks.  I might have gone a little crazy.  "I couldn't help myself. Oh Yoongi I loved that place" I exclaimed as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "I'm glad you liked it." He said. "Hmm you know me so well" I said. "Hey is that an arcade?" My focus changed as I saw a bunch of shiny machines that were making a lot of noise. "Looks like it" he peaked around me to see. "Oh is that pachinko machines?" I pointed. "You are terrible with games baby" yoongi said as he tried to drag me away. "Noo I want to play" I whined. "Tomorrow baby. Tonight were going back to the hotel and staying in" he said, his voice getting husky. "Oh, is that you trying to tell me something mister?" I turned to him and ran my hand up his chest. His eyes slowly closed and he leaned into my touch. "Keri, if you don't remove your hand now, we'll be putting a show on for these people" he said. I pulled my hand back like he stung me. Well his words did. "Hmm hotel it is" I said turning to lead the way. "This way Keri" yoongi pointed in another direction. Oops, thankfully one of us knew where we were going. The next day  started late in the afternoon. Yoongi had woken up early with one thought on his mind and I got an amazing wake up just to go back to sleep and wake up an hour later and thank him with a little suprise of my own.  This happened a few times before it was noon and decided food was needed. There was several places but yoongi had a taste for Ramen, after looking at several packets yoongi came across an interesting brochure. "They have a Ramen museum" he said shocked. "A museum dedicated to ramen?" I stared at the brochure. "Oh you can eat there too!" I pointed out. "There's a museum about ramen" he repeated. "Are you baffled?" I asked. "Keri can we go?" He asked like a little kid all of a sudden. "Sure" I said after a moment of staring at his change of going from sexy to childish. He had a huge smile across his face. "I wonder if they make the noodles by hand" he pondered "I'm sure they so. I wonder what kind of place it is" I wondered allowed as we waited for a taxi. Yoongi flagged one down and we got in and he told the cabbie where to take us. We talked about what could possibly be there until we arrived. Yoongi paid the can driver and we got out in front of what looked like an ally. "Are we in the right place?" I questioned. "Well that sign says Ramen" he pointed up and I saw it. "Oh yes, we must be" I grinned. Yoongi grabbed my Hand and pulled me towards the place. There was a bunch of people here. We stuck by each other closely getting through the crowd ams finally entered a place. A person was standing by a gated area and we went over to pay to get into the place and went in. This was the main museum where we saw what tools were used to create the noodles through the centuries and signs told how the tools were used. Yoongi was bouncing around looking from one thing to the next. He was like a little kid and I couldn't help but watch him. "Keri look at this one! They have the noodles being sliced with this machine!" Yoongi was pointing at one of the glass cases.  I went over to look and he bounced over to the next one. It continued like that until we saw everything. Yoongi would point something out to me then move on to the next item. At the end was a gift shop that had noodles in bags and miniature machines that were for decoration. Yoongi ended up buying several bags of noodles to take back home. "I'm going to take these back home to the guys" yoongi said holding at leat 5 bags. "Uh is that all?" I asked thinking that was a bit much. I would think 2 or 3 bags. "Your right. You want to grab 2 more?" He asked. "You sure?" I questioned. "You think I should get 10 bags?" He asked  "Do you guys seriously eat that much?' I asked stunned. He chuckled. "Yes, baby we're growing men" he said I shook my head. "Okay okay. I'll grab 2 more. That's a bag for each of you" I said. After he got his bag full of goodies we went off to see what else was with this place. When you exited the inside there was shops set up serving different kinds of Ramen. We each got a bowl and sat at one of the tables. "I am starved" yoongi said as he started to dig into his bowl. "Why is it after watching how its made it makes it taste so much different then I've ever tasted before" I sighed after the first bite. "Because we haven't eaten all day and I think we just spent the last 2 hours running around this place" he commented. "We haven't even been through the entire place. Okay its much bigger then I imagined" I told him. "I thought it would be the size of the gift shop" he commented. "Right and maybe a little food stand" I added. "Do you want to explore a little more after we eat?" I asked him. "Hmm, maybe a little longer" he said making me laugh. He wasn't done, he was enjoying himself and that was really all I cared about. "Are you having fun?" He asked when we were done eating. "Yes. Are you?" I asked him. He grinned and nodded his head. We spent the next hour going through the rest before Yoongi finally decided he was done. I couldn't help but laugh. He had gotten more things to take back home. There was more food items yoongi bought and for some reason I picked out 2 coloring books with pictures of ramen bowls to color, one for Tae and one for Kooki. "You know the others will be jealous you got Tae and Kooki something" yoongi commented as we left the museum. "I got Namjoon a book yesterday" I added. "Oh he'll enjoy that" he laughed. I smacked his chest. "Don't be mean. He likes to read a lot" I told him. "He does" yoongi agreed. "So what are we doing now?" I asked as we walked down the street. "Hmm, is there anything in particular You want to do?" He asked. "Well I see several things" I said looking around, going in a circle. He laughed and stopped me. "Okay okay, let's walk around and look at places" he said We walked more and looked in on shops down this street, further into our route there was another museum. Yoongi wanted to go into this one as well so we did. Inside was modern art mixed with sculptures, photographs, interactive exhibits and more.  Yoongi had a lot of fun strutting down a catwalk of circular lights, then dragging me up and we went through together. People were watching us when we did this and I couldn't help but feel all eyes on us. After that we decided that it was time to go back to the hotel. "Do you want to take a bath in the room or go down to the onsen connected to the hotel?" He asked as we got up to the room. "There's an onsen?" I perked up. "That interest you?" He asked. He slanted his eyes to the bathroom in the suitroom "then again we have privacy in our own room here" he said. I narrowed my eyes. "You naughty boy. No I'm going downstairs to enjoy the onsen" I chuckled shaking my head. "Baby" he leaned down.  I was sitting in the chair and he trapped me there with his hands on the arm rests and leaning in so much his face was even with my own. "Are you sure you don't want to stay in the room and enjoy the tub together?" He questioned in a gravely voice. Oh it turned into a tough choice. Downstairs I'm sure they had designated areas for boys and girls, up here, we could enjoy together. "Okay I give in" I exhaled which made he grin the press his lips to mine. "I'll get the bath ready" he said. "Is it bad that I got a bath bomb in one of my bags from today" I commented which made him chuckle. "Where did you get that?"he asked. "In the perfume shop we went into" I told him. "I thought you just got Jimin in cologne" Yoongi said. "Yup and some for Jin some too. I got a pretty flower scent perfume for Layla" I added. "You ended up getting everyone something did you?" He said. "Well yes though I haven't gotten anything for Mel" I said. "Mel hmm, what about a shot glass from the gift shop downstairs" he offered. "Not a bad idea" I nodded. "I'm getting the bath ready now" He said. "Okay" I nodded. "I'm going to change into a robe" I told him. "So am I, can you hand me one" he asked. I handed him a robe and we changed as the bath got ready.
Really long chapter today. seemed like a really fun day! I got pictures of the 2 museum's they went to.
Oh my goodness, I had better be careful, or my daughter will want to visit the Ramen Museum too. We've already been to the SPAM Museum....yes, there is a SPAM Museum here in the US.
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If it's free, I've probably been there.....Kellogg's, Post, Gerber, Hershey's etc....(sigh)
Those museums look liked they'd be so much fun. Hyper/childish Yoongi is so freaking adorable.
Oh looks like they had fun...I kinda want to go to these now
they look like so much fun!
I wanna go to that ramen museum