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I Am So Into K.A.R.D

A new co-ed group just debuted and their song is such a jam!

K.A.R.D is a 4 member group (2 boys, 2 girls) and this debut is soooo strong!

I seriously can't get the chorus out of my head after just one listen!

Omo yes!!!!! A new co-ed group!!!! I love co-ed groups and I wish more kpop groups were co-ed!!!! The song is pretty nice too!! Hopefully I'll stick by this group for a long time~
well shit thanks for introducing. kpop needs more co ed groups
Ikr! I'm sure I have annoyed a couple of people already by singing the chorus 😂😂😂
I love this so much 💕💕🙌🏼
I really like it
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