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Hello everyone, I hope you all didn't die with Big Bang's comeback today since it is also the panda/maknae of Big Bang's birthday today!! Happy birthday to our maknae, Seungri!!!! I know that I'm late on this since his birthday was yesterday (in Korean time) and even here it's like an hour away till midnight, sooooo I'm pretty late for his birthday. But that doesn't matter since at least I put a card together for him!! So without further ado, scroll down with caution C:
Ooooffff can I just say that he is sooooo attractive!!! Like, all of Big Bang is but Seungri definitely is hot as hell!!!! Ooooffff that boy wrecks me in ways that he shouldn't! c; But then how can he be so cuddly and squishy like that too!?! How can his smile be so seductively sexy, but also be so adorable like a panda!?!? I'm dying over here guys!! And can I just point out how good he looked in the new MVs!! Like god damn you're a freaking bias wrecker!!!! Haha, well happy birthday Seungri! I hope Seungri and all of you had a great day today (and yesterday) and continue smiling and being all adorable and squishy (yes, I'm still talking to all of you as well cx). We love you so much Seungri!! Stay healthy and fighting!!
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fuck he looks really good in that photo
Right!?! 😍😍