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Here's the thing I was in love with his brown color in Stuck he gave me the feels in that m/v. he looked so manly. Now I love the pink hair on him but when I fist saw it I didn't like it. I think it had to grown on because I was so in love with the brown
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Yup yup and yup!!! That's so true!! His hair would look a lot better like that. lol yeah, hopefully some time soon he goes back or similar to the hair style.
I personally love idols with dyed hair, including Monsta X, but if the idols don't want to dye their hair then they shouldn't!! They should not be forced to dye their hair if that's not what they want to do!! I also love idols with their natural dark hair, they look good too!! So if Kihyun doesn't want to dye his hair then he should be allowed to have his dark hair. He still looks sexy and adorable with dark hair.
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See what the problem there is that too many people think that the moment they dye their hair that all of a sudden their hair is completely dead and falls out. But you have to dye your hair a shiz ton until that actually happens. And even then, at least for most of the male idols, they cut their hair all the time so there's always fresh new hair. But I still can understand why Kihyun doesn't want to.
People don't realize how hard it is. To go light pink you have to bleach multiple times and dye pink, and whenever they redo his hair its another bleach to cover up his roots. Idk about them but bleach hurts my scalp.
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@JaxomB Thats cool :0
I think Kihyun looks good with any hair but I love when Kihyun has dark hair the most
Same!! I honestly miss his dark hair.
It should be left up to the individual....but I understand why the hair gets dyed. It can be difficult to distinguish the individuals in a group if all of them have the same color eyes and hair.....look at BAP when they were all blond.
Damn that was horrible! For their hair and to distinguish them. Yeah, that's true and since he's the main vocal I see why they want him to stand out more.
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