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~To Chapter One ~~To Chapter Two ~~~To Chapter Three ~~~~To Chapter Four ~~~~~To Chapter Five ~~~~~~To Chapter Six Genres: Mafia (that's a genre, right?), Romance, Action Warnings: Rated... let's say 15+ for violence, adult themes, and language... and then 42+ for adult scenes. I'm slowly evolving into a garbage can. Hoo Rah. Also, this gets a little gorey here. 17+ if your imaginations are as vivid as mine. Pineapples Away~
After three days, you were feeling the familiar itch and dreading of being under house arrest. They were spent dwelling inside the cynical, cold office space, twiddling your thumbs and mindlessly eating the meals delivered throughout. You saw Yoongi every day, but only for a short period of time. He’d come in to either pin another newspaper clipping to the collage on the wall or to sit silently at the desk and read something. You found his presence wasn’t uninviting at all. It was, rather, on the contrary: the resounding silence between you two was not awkward by any means. Yoongi never spoke, but you caught his eyes scanning you when you’d eat sometimes. He even brought a collection of books you drowned yourself in. The guy was more caring than the unfeeling front he put up led you to initially believe. You marveled in the fact he was the new face of the Mins. Then there was this other woman. Her skin was tan, worn, and stretched over lean muscle. She couldn’t have been a few days over forty-five. Tabetha was her name. She introduced herself quietly, and rarely talked, though, it seems she didn’t expect you to either. Her Tag was painted miraculously on the back of her neck, her smoky hair always knotted and unruly above it. She never smiled, like her lips held a permanent scowl, her almond eyes always narrowed. But again, as intimidating as she appeared, she almost gave off a stern motherly vibe. You welcomed it after the second day. Tabetha brought your meals and showed you to the restroom when needed. She and the Mob Boss were the only two you saw. You shook your head when a sudden burst of anxiousness consumed you, stuffing your face into a towel. After a few seconds of heavy breathing, you patted the towel over your arms and neck, wrapping it around your hair as you stepped back and gauged your nude reflection in the mirror. There were some remnants of what must have been age-old mascara smeared around your eyes. You brought your palms up to viciously scrub the clammy skin until it nearly tore. Then you moved closer. “Oh,” you said. There was no mascara. Those were just the dark circles embedded into your skin. Huh. You clothed yourself in a clean button-up dress, a forest green that contrasted your pale skin artistically. True, your health was obviously not in its prime. Something about being locked up in an enemy family’s mansion made finishing your meals and sleeping difficult. You sighed, leaving to meet Tabetha in the hall. Before you entered the all-too-familiar door, you turned, letting yourself soak in the sunset beaming from the windows. Tabetha watched you wordlessly, and you didn’t want to keep her waiting, so you continued, mirthfully. Day five, you woke up with a start in the spot in the corner where someone had placed a sleeping bag and pillow. Yoongi had stalked in and stood in place by his desk. You gave him a questioning look. He had never showed up at that time—whatever time it was. He was staring at you, his expression a little harder than usual. “Why has no one come for you?” You stretched, releasing a groan as your back gave a twinge of pain. “Because there are better things to do. Like rebuild a mansion.” You yawned and sat up, slowly easing yourself onto your feet. “What time is it anyway?” “Does your father really care so little?” You froze, eyeing the floor quickly. Then, a tendril of hair made its way around your finger, and you smiled. “He really does.” Yoongi gave a look of confliction before turning away, absently staring at the wall. You wondered what was going on in his head. You bit your lip and took a seat in the chair you were bound to on your first day. Jackson crossed your mind, and a swell of panic and discomfort filled you. You missed his presence, how you knew you were never alone despite how quiet it was. You yearned for his knowing dark eyes that were always watching. Something inside of you crumbled. You missed him... You shook it off before Yoongi turned again. “My father was cold... but he cared a lot. He loved this Family. He would do anything for it.” He quietly admitted. You released an unenthused “oooh” before scraping some dirt from beneath your fingernails. Yoongi faced you, his arms clasped behind his back. He was dressed down a bit more than usual, forgoing a suit jacket that left him in a snug-fitting dress shirt and black slacks. You noticed he’d unbuttoned the collar of his shirt and realized maybe he did look a bit disheveled. His flaming hair had resorted to a mass of unruly dark locks, and his eyes seemed less calculating than usual. He looked tired. You wanted to share your thoughts, but dismissed it upon seeing he had turned and was heading for the door. “Tabetha will bring breakfast soon. Sorry to wake you.” And he was out before you could respond. You sighed, conflicted; he apologized... it wasn’t right. He wasn’t supposed to be considering. You crossed your arms and leaned back, fingering the straps of your dress. You were supposed to hate the Mins and everything about them... so why couldn’t you? ~~~ Yoongi slammed the door of his late father’s office and ran his palms along his face. Somewhere from behind some curtains, Taehyung poked his head out and gave the man a questioning glance. “Boss~?” Yoongi threw him a look and dragged his tired legs across the floor to collapse in the lounge chair he often napped in. “Where’s Namjoon?” He asked gravely. On cue, the door was open and the man in question waltzed in carrying two large boxes of what was presumed to be pizza. “Here, Suga. Hope you’re in the mood for Italian.” “It’s nine AM... of course we’re in the mood for Italian.” V unwound himself from the drapes and skipped over to where Namjoon had placed the boxes atop the fine wooden desk. Yoongi closed his eyes, hardly capable of figuring out if he even held an appetite, and opted to try and think through his options. He didn’t exactly expect the Boss of L/Ns to be a no-show for so long. “Where’s Hoseok?” He grumbled, Namjoon tearing a stretch of cheese from his mouth so he could respond. “Should be here any second. He was following me with the drinks.” Suddenly, the door was open again, and in walked the Family Driver. He was pouting, juggling a few liters of soda in his lanky arms. “You coulda left the door open for me..." “Boss needs ya.” Hoseok’s gaze flitted over to the corner where Yoongi was laid, immediately assuming a straightened posture and giving his attention. Normally, Yoongi would have told him to relax—you see, he’d also been the driver for the latest Boss, and he wasn’t quite yet acclimated with the fact one of his closest childhood friends was now the head of the mansion. But the shorter man wasn’t up for correcting him. Instead, he gave him his orders. “I need you to send for L/N. Take Namjoon with you. He’s your back-up.” Namjoon scoffed into his pizza slice but said nothing against it. Yoongi continued, “Tell whoever you may see that I will slit the girl’s throat myself this evening if that damned coward doesn’t meet me on my front step.” “Daaaamn~” V hissed, throwing a thumbs up towards his boss. Hoseok glanced down for a brief second, before nodding wordlessly. He swiveled on his heel to deposit the soda beside the pizza and gestured Namjoon towards the door, who, in turn, grabbed the remainder of a box and carried it with him. “Oh, one more thing... This goes mainly to you, Namjoon.” “Why me?” “Do not, under any circumstance..." Yoongi ran a hand through his hair, exasperatedly. “ the first to draw arms.” Hoseok eyed the man beside him, jutting him with an elbow when he began to laugh. “I’ll be sure he doesn’t.” “Thanks, Hobi. Off you go.” Their superior waved them off without a glance, the door shutting with a resounding click. Taehyung was face-deep in his pizza, cheese and grease splayed all over his face as he giggled at his own thoughts. Yoongi turned away and shut his eyes again, sighing. He hadn’t slept all night. That damn girl was on his mind. ~~~ Jackson Wang released a long sigh and flung the covers from his body. His first move was to the fridge. His second was to his cell phone. As he downed a liter of organic tea, he dialed a number and counted the rings until someone answered, “Hello?” “Is that any way to speak to your superior?” Wang threatened. The tired voice on the other line stammered for a moment before clearing his throat and apologizing. “Special Officer Wang, good morning! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize who I was—” “Jungkook, just give me an update.” The younger boy released a breath, lips snapping to a close, and shuffled a bit in his place. Jackson waited near-patiently. “I’d better just hand the phone to Jin. He was on watch the past few hours. Here.” There was a bit more commotion, the sound of slight protest, but the phone was successfully handed over and Jackson was beginning to grow anxious. “H-hey Special Officer Wang.” “Report.” A nervous chuckle erupted from the other line. “Nothing much happened since the last update. Only the occasional cars going in and out. Nothing out of the norm. The mansion is making great progress though..." There was a pause. “If anything happens we’ll keep you posted.” Jackson released a sigh that could have been out of relief or exasperation, but he nodded to himself. “Okay. Let me know.” “One more thing!” Jin exclaimed, his pitch a little higher. “Um... You’re sure Jimin isn’t going to know about this, right?” Jackson’s brow rose and he leaned back into the couch. His lip twitched. “That idiot only has eyes on me. You two don’t have to worry. And when this all blows over, you might be in for a promotion.” There was a notable jeer on the other end, to which the elder of the undercover cops shushed the younger. “Hey thanks, Wang.” “I got it, now get back to watch.” The agent suddenly felt less worried than before. Of course, he was unsettled by the fact Y/N had been missing for so long. It’s what kept him up. But he knew he could put his faith in the two cops to keep an eye on the L/N mansion while he couldn’t. But before he could end the call, Jin suddenly spoke up. “Jungkook... that’s... Wang we spot an unidentified vehicle approaching the main gate. Looks like a Min tag.” Jackson flew up from the sofa and cursed. He had to be there. He had to know. Were they returning her? Did they do anything to her? Was she hurt? Was she dead? Anger consumed him. “What are they doing, Jin?” He demanded, forcefully. There was silence on the other end, Jackson running a hand through his blonde tendrils, and Jin finally said, “They’re leaving the car. There’s two of them. They appear to be unarmed, but one is carrying a parcel of some sort.” Jackson seethed. Maybe they cut her finger off to offer to her father? Maybe her entire fucking head is in the box? He was going mad. “And now?!” Jin hesitated, as though piecing together what he was seeing from afar. “The L/Ns at the gate are disarming themselves... I think... yeah, they’re accepting the parcel. It looks like an envelope now.” “They’re leaving?”Jungkook questioned disbelievingly from somewhere else in the vehicle. Jackson said nothing. “Yes, they’re leaving. Probably a message from their boss.” Jin confirmed, sighing in relief. What an anticlimactic exchange. Especially between a Min and L/N. Jackson was perturbed, nonetheless. It was beyond unsettling. He mentally cursed Jimin once again for pulling him from the assignment. “Jin, listen up.” He ordered firmly. “If you see the Boss get into a car and leave, you let me know. Follow them but keep your distance, got it?” There was an affirmative and Jackson ended the call with a huff of weariness. He tossed the phone to the other side of the couch and drew a sharp intake. Then, he downed the remainder of his tea and set out to disobey Director Park’s commands. ~~~ The Min mob boss stood at the balcony overlooking the mansion’s grounds. His dark eyes cast along the pale sun-glazed surface as he drew in a breath of impatience and unease. Anything could go wrong. The last thing he wanted was another war with the L/Ns, especially as he was the newly appointed Father of the Min family. He was a decent guy. He wanted to make amends. And the fires at the L/N mansion? He had to order an ambush. It was the only way to display his perseverance. Plus, it was easy; he figured they wouldn’t expect it. The Mins were ruthless, but they were not the ones at fault. And that naïve girl... she was clueless. She had no idea what was going on. But Yoongi didn’t blame her. He related to her, if anything. He spent his days homeschooled, hardly travelling, the only friends he was allowed being those who were, too, trained alongside him to be a killer. Family Members. The primary difference between he and she, though, was his Father actually cared for him. They were close. He would do anything for him. But that Y/N... everything Yoongi heard about her Father didn’t sit well with him. That man was a thief. All the burgundy-haired lad wanted was his Father’s possession. Whatever the hell that was. And if it meant a war, he was willing to draw blood. The elegant doors to the balcony opened and Yoongi didn’t spare a glance away from the gates half an acre away off in the distance. It was time. He already knew what was to be said. “They’re here.” ~~~ “I’m almost there. Keep your distance.” Jackson didn’t give the cop any time to respond. He removed his ear piece and accelerated the car at a speed going beyond what was safe for any midday drivers. It was high noon, but the sun was masked by an overcast of taunting gray clouds. For an immensely cold and windy day, he’d forgone wearing a jacket. Of course, it wasn’t the first thing on his mind. When he’d finally spotted the undercover cruiser some distance away from the unfamiliar grounds, he parked behind it and stayed in the vehicle. Jin and Jungkook must have realized his arrival, but remained unnoticeable beyond the tinted windows. Wang’s gaze darted towards the front gates of the three-story building spewing riches, but somehow still glum and dark. He watched three vehicles displaying L/N tags stop before the massive iron gates. On the other side, two men approached, both carrying notably sized firearms. They were the guards. Then, the doors to the vehicles opened, and out stepped faces he’d recognized from around the L/N household, and finally, the big man and his right hand themselves. Jackson grew anxious. He swallowed thickly. Was he about to see a battle break out? ~~~ Yoongi paced down the staircase with notable ease, the tension in the air doing nothing to disturb his composure. Following him were Taehyung and Namjoon, the half-brothers who excitedly smirked to one another in the midst of the commotion. Mins everywhere were preparing arms, cackling amongst themselves while lighting each other’s cigars. He surveyed his surroundings with mild appreciation of the men and women he could call his own now. They were all good people. Good people who knew how to love and live, but were viewed as the most bloodthirsty criminals. He felt himself smirk. Of course, they definitely enjoyed being viewed as such. He stopped just short of the towering front doors, his men following suit. “Boss~” V questioned, tilting his head to the right. Yoongi rotated his neck and stretched his shoulders briefly, nodding for the Min at the door to let them through. The time had come. ~~~ You anxiously paced to and fro, having been escorted into the front hall. Mins surrounded you, some sneering your way, but most ignoring you entirely. You bit your lip, peering through the windows when a Min wasn’t in the way. “You know you’re just going to tire yourself out if you keep walking around like that.” An unfamiliar voice called from behind, undoubtedly directed towards you. You turned, scanning the wall until your eyes met those you recognized from days prior. Those gleaming eyes. “Driver.” You acknowledged, leaving him to scoff and laugh. He kicked off the wall and strode your way, hands respectfully clenched behind his back as he bowed. You weren’t put off by his cheery presence, but it definitely stood out. “I’m glad you remembered. My name isn’t Driver, though. I go by Hoseok. Or, Hobi, depending on how daring you are.” He winked and shrugged, and you got a good look at his features; his legs were still as lanky as you remembered, his face lean and thin, nose strong and jaw sharp. “Hoseok...” You tested in a hushed whisper, and his face lit up. “That’s the one!” He cheered, throwing a thumb’s up into the air. “I’m now in charge of you. Tabetha is lovely, I know, but now you can trust your hopes and dreams with me~.” You looked him up and down a few times, curious of his bizarre behavior. “What’s going to happen?” You questioned, worriedly scanning the crowd around you again. Hobi’s long legs carried him beside you, where he stood and faced frontward. “You’re going to see your Father.” ~~~ He stalked into the brisk, cold air, his suit jacket opening a bit with the wind, and led his two closest men onto the grounds. They were still a way’s away from the entry gates, but even there he could see just a single round body being allowed entry onto the grounds. The iron bars echoed to a close behind the man. Yoongi had already told the guards to allow only the entrance of the Boss. So far so good. ~~~ “Time to go.” When he said it, your eyes widened and you threw a questioning look his way. He offered a soft smile, nodding, flashing you his fancy wrist watch displaying a time that meant nothing to you. The Min Driver carefully rested a hand on your arm and began leading you to the door. The people around you gave no heed to your exit, presuming their conversations and patiently waiting... waiting for what? Despite being complete overcast, the brightness of the sun reflecting behind the clouds made you blink a few times. Hobi helped you down the stairs, the chill of the air seeping in through your loosely fitted black dress, and you gripped his forearm when you took a near stumble. When your eyes adjusted, you counted four figures in the middle of the courtyard, and a number more even farther along the grounds. You instantly recognized the unruly auburn tendrils of the shorter man. And you then gasped, eyes tracing the round man before him. It really was your Father. Hoseok’s grip loosened when he realized he didn’t need to encourage you on any further; your feet were moving on their own accord. It seemed as though it was several minutes until you’d actually stopped a few feet from the group. It appeared the two Mob bosses were staring each other down, the intensity of their gazes as piercing as a rapier. They were discussing something, something you could not quite yet make out. Though, Hoseok called out a firm “Boss,”, and suddenly, all eyes were on you. ~~~ It took every ounce of strength and willpower for Jackson to remain seated. He bit back a string of curses when he noticed her disheveled, thin form from afar. It didn’t take a genius to realize how fucked up she appeared. Wang released a long exhale, leaning back in the seat. He would do everything in his power not to budge. But if anything happened to her, he would raise all hell. ~~~ Taehyung smiled at you and waved. Namjoon looked bored. Yoongi’s eyes lit up ever so slightly. Your Father’s face hardened. “What the hell did you do to her?” His voice boomed, and you swallowed. Yoongi and the others turned back to the L/N. “Feed her. Shelter her. Allow her to bathe. Sound familiar?” Your Father snorted in annoyance. Yoongi continued, darkly. “She could be missing her fingers. She could be dead. But don’t worry; your behavior today decides what is to come of her.” A shiver went down your spine. You wanted to speak, but nervousness consumed you. You stared at the back of Yoongi’s head. Could he really do all that? “Where is your Father?” The large man questioned sternly, a vein popping atop his balding head. There was noticeable sweat forming on his brow. It was the first time you’d seen your dad so anxious. “He’s dead. This is mine now.” Yoongi answered simply, gesturing to the mansion behind him. A grunt came from your Father, his fists balled at his sides. Yoongi was undisturbed. “I have an entire Family in there waiting to kill you. If you do not cooperate, they will not hesitate to come out.” You felt your heart skip, piecing together why the Mins were crowded at the front of the house. They were getting ready. “Why the sudden mercy?” Your Father questioned, eyeing the doors behind you. “You could’ve killed us all by now.” “I prefer not having a thief’s blood spilt on the Min grounds. It would ruin the soil.” Taehyung released a noise of amusement, Namjoon quickly reaching over to jab him in the side. Yoongi went on, his tone dangerous. “I’m giving you one choice: peace or war.” You expected your Father to come back with a nasty retort, to deny all and use his pride as a weapon. Instead, his pupils wavered, his jaw going slack. Your mind reeled. Why wasn’t he fighting? What happened to that merciless Boss man with years of unyielding glory behind his belt? Then it hit you. He couldn’t deny it, because it was the obvious truth. “Dad!” You cried out, voice cracking. You felt an onslaught of tears. He looked up at you, hurt filling his eyes, as did the others, and you tore away from Hoseok. “Just give him what you took!” Nothing mattered to you anymore, other than getting the hell out of there and seeing Jackson. You had to see him again. You had to get out. “Give him what he fucking wants!” You cried, your hands gripping the expensive fabric of his coat. You shook violently, a calloused palm appearing on your shoulder to calm you down. After a few breaths, you plead to your only surviving guardian figure with your burning eyes. You plead. And then, in the weakest voice you ever heard, he said, “He’s already taken it.” You drew back, confused. Everyone else was confused. Before you could speak, the man continued, only to you. “Angie and I adopted you. You were a plan from the start.” Your mind went blank, and the news only became more surprising. “We needed a vessel to hide it... The Min crest was surgically implanted into your abdomen when you were an infant. It is still there to this day. I’m sorry, but we had our reasons.” Silence shrouded you. There was a distinct ringing in your ears. Your childhood was a lie. Your Family was a lie. Your life was a lie. Throbbing presented itself all too familiarly, the spot in your stomach threatening to suddenly explode. Though you then guessed it was the spot next to your stomach, where the little diamond crest was innocently taunting you and had been for the past decades of your life. It laughed and stabbed your insides, causing you to jerk away and grip at it desperately. You released a horrified scream, the diamond being no larger than a quarter and yet so excruciatingly aggravating, it mainly just pissed you off. You turned so quickly, eyes catching the glint of a shiny stiletto peeking from Namjoon’s pocket. Without hesitation, you lunged for it, successfully peeling it from him and switching it open so it could view the horrible world. A chorus of yells other protests erupted around you, but you took no heed of them, driving the blade so deep within yourself, all you saw was red. It took only a brief moment to salvage the long lost rock that had been embedded within you, pain meaning nothing as the blood-coated diamond reflected the storm clouds overhead. Then, with fury, you chucked the fucking thing as far as you could, collapsing onto your knees with blackened eyes and endless pants. Shock surrounded you, as no man moved, all horrified with the sight before them. You weren’t losing consciousness yet, and you could see your Father’s... whoever the hell he was, eyes bugged out in disbelief. You watched him, wondering if he’d regretted anything. If he was truly sorry. Then, the sound of gunfire. The large man’s knees buckled, the ground shaking beneath him as he crumbled. There was a sizeable gape in his forehead, the bullet shamelessly revealing his insides as he outwardly became limp and lifeless. Your Father was dead. The ringing in your ears did not cease, but it did not drown out the shouting and rapid gunfire coming from all sides. The Mansion, the gates. Two bloodthirsty Families acting in vengeance. A war was unleashed. And you were bleeding to death in the middle of it.
when you fall down this rabbit hole for the unbelievably amazing plot only to discover there hasn't been an update for over half a year ㅠ_ㅠ
Update? I'll give u a cookie 🍪
@QueeenzSara @MaritessSison Thanks so much guys! It means a lot, and I'll try everything in my best effort to get the next chapter out soon!
Yay an update! 😊 And wow what an update! She actually cut that thing out of her!😨
lol I waited so long for an update. I was surprised when she cut it out of her. She's not like the other heroines in stories who always needs help.👍🏻😄
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