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Day 12 of the 30 day challenge and today is about your favorite villain. And in all honesty is it a wonder who most would pick? Yes I fall into this category however I do know and respect the other antagonist however non take this title like
Sosuke Aizen A man who wanted to be atop everything the villain who created the new Arrancar and Espadas, the bad ass himself who fought AND DEFEATED the gotei 13 (well like 6 of 'em) and the Vizards. Aizen is a bad ass in every sense of the word and while I would have loved to know why he rambled on to urahara like he did Aizen still takes my favorite villain spot :3 Second place goes to Jin Kariya His people (the bounts) were systematically eliminated while he was a child so he decided to "make bounts great again!" xD you can use that quote way to often. Kariya set out to destroy the Soul Society by nuking the place he wanted to make Bounts strong but he didn't care about his fellow bounts to get to that goal, sacrificing one after the other and while Aizen does the same thing Kariya had his people follow him under the pretence that they would become stronger, live immortal lives but it was all lies Aizen just throws his weight around and ask people to join him no games no bs. But Kariya was still a cool character and a great villain.
So who is your favorite villain in Bleach? Go ahaead and leave a comment letting me know :3 Thanks for Reading and have an awesome day :D Tagging@AdamDean @Zeenyte
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u beat me to it. i was going to pick jin kariya. the whole vampire reshi thing was awsome he. killed all his fewllow bounts. he didnt care about nobody but him self and he was able to hold his own agaisnt two Capitan level shinigami at the SAME DAMN TIME lol. in the end. that tough guy. atuff was just a act he just wanted the pain to end. you can see in face when ichigo killed him