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EXO Sci-Fi
“No. I told you, this isn't real. I was in North Korea, we crossed over to Japan and then we immigrated to Canada. What I remember is just being held captive in one of their facilities until someone rescued my family and me. That's all this is. I'm not from another world, that's impossible!” Chen repeated over, “Why do you insist on this?” JongIn had heard him before he opened the door. Chan was standing in his way, trying to keep him from leaving. “Please Chen, just hear us out.” Chanyeol tried to plead with him, “It's not just you, it's all of us.” Chen looked at JongIn, then continued his rant, “Well maybe we were all there, maybe we experienced something similar. Besides you offer no proof of this other world.” “What kind of proof are you needing?”JongIn asked. Chen laughed and threw his hands in the air. “Xiumin mentioned something about having powers?” “Are you saying I can fly through the air like Superman? I have never experienced any such superpower, EVER” Chen said sitting down. JongIn eyed him for a moment, “You're right. I don't even know what mine is, if I have one” he looked at Chan, who only shrugged, “You don't know what yours is either, huh…” “See… it's all a delusion. We just wanna make something up in our own minds to justify what happened to us.” Chen said sounding sure of himself. “That guy, he says he knows it all but he won't say a thing. And I'm supposed to believe him.” JongIn knew Chen was speaking the truth on one point, Xiumin knows. He looked around the room, “Where's the other one, Lay?” “He had some business to tend to, so he'll join us later.” Chanyeol answered. “The others went over to Suho's house. His parents are out of town, so we'll have privacy” he looked past JongIn at the figure standing behind him. JongIn turned around. Xiumin stood at the door, he was staring at Chen, Chen stared back. “Is he still denying everything?” Chen rolled his eyes. “Are you coming with us?” JongIn asked. Xiumin nodded, “Yes. This was a long time coming.”